What is aPOS – Application Point of Sale?

Application Point of Sale (aPOS) is defined as a software or application which performs the same functions as that of a physical cash register or traditional Point of Sale (POS). aPOS differs from Mobile Points of Sale (mPOS) in that it does not require any additional hardware such as a card reader in order to complete a sale. Whereas for aPOS solutions, all you need to do is download an application to your tablet or smartphone. Though mPOS is miles away from POS systems in terms of mobility, it still requires your smartphone or tablet to connect to a payment machine through connections like Bluetooth in order to carry out a sale. Card readers tend to be Chip+PIN, which has historically been a sought after feature as it’s PIN entries have been synonym to security and a waiver of liability to the merchant.

Are aPOS solutions less secure?

The short answer is no, they are not. aPOS transactions are widely processed as Card not Present (CNP), which is the exact same processing as when you go shopping online. CNP simply means you are not actually present with the merchant at the point of the sale. The reason CNP is becoming more popular is that it opens up a whole new world of speed in transactions, with limitless transaction volume. Contactless payments are processed as Card Present (CP) as you have to be there to tap your card or phone, but as of the moment of writing the upper limit for transactions is £30, which greatly limits what you can sell using contactless. However, with CNP transactions you can theoretically sell a house if you’d want! Though you may not want to pay up 1-2% of £200,000 just for the flexibility.

Another important point to note is that even though we process a transaction as CNP, you are mostly in front of the customer when you take a payment by scanning their card. Thus, you probably have had the chance to meet and greet the customer and made sure it’s not a fraudster paying with stolen cards.

What if I’m not technical, how will I know how to use aPOS?

Believe me, here at SimplyPayMe we know our users have a wide range of tech expertise. The levels range from 0-10 and we serve all of them equally. SimplyPayMe’s app is built with this in mind and therefore, despite a complex feature set, the main functions are intuitive and super simple to use from the application. All you have to do is open it!

Currently, because SimplyPayMe is an aPOS solution, we enable you to take payments face to face, over the phone and through online invoicing, without needing to charge you extra for any of them. Over the course of 2018 we intend to greatly expand our users’ options for accepting payments, so sign up and stay tuned to be the first ever to experience the level of flexibility SimplyPayMe will be able to offer small businesses everywhere.

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