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Simple Contactless Payments with Pay By Bank App:

Increase sales whilst reducing fees with SimplyPayMe’s
Pay By Bank App.


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Instant payments with
Cash and Check Tracking

If you are tired of paying high transaction fees and waiting days for payments to process, then try out SimplyPayMe’s instant payments with Pay by Bank App for a completely contactless transaction. Its new and secure online checkout option is fast, safe and allows you to pay directly using your mobile banking App. 

Created by Vocalink (Mastercard), Pay by Bank App will:

  • Remove the need for debit cards
  • Simplify payments for all parties
  • Offer existing and new customers an avant-garde mobile payment solution

How does it work?

The revolutionary software allows SMEs to request payments directly from their customers via a text sent to their mobile phone. The customer then clicks on the link that “pushes” the payment from their online banking application, allowing the transaction. It’s as simple as that! 

By paying with Pay by Bank App, the bank directly authorises the transaction, meaning no fraud liability, no chargebacks and a 100% secure payment. And the best part is, the fees are the lowest on the market!

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It's fast, secure and convenient

Run your business and get paid faster with no hardware and no obligations.  It’s as simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay by Bank app only takes 0.45% commission per payment, compared to a debit card which usually takes 1.40%. And although the Pay By Bank app is a more cost-savvy solution, it does not drop in quality. The App facilitates faster fund transferrals whilst delivering the same high-quality security to both parties.

As the Pay by Bank app is directly linked to customer’s private bank accounts, there is no chance of fraudulent payments. For customer’s to make a transaction, they have to authenticate themselves via their online banking application, thus minimising any risk for your business.

Yes, as a Sole Trader you can take payments with a personal bank account. However, you will need to first sign up and create your free business account with SimplyPayMe.

Currently, our Pay By Bank functionality is only available in the UK market but with plans to expand soon.

Our Features

SimplyPayMe solutions help small business owners lead their enterprises by providing an all-in-one platform to manage their payments.

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Start accepting Pay By Bank App payments, in just a few easy steps, with SimplyPayMe.

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