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Manage your money

SimplyPayMe isn’t just about taking payments. It helps you to take control of your business too. From quotes to invoicing. Why not try it for free and see for yourself?

Invoice Reminders

Easy invoicing

SimplyPayMe allows you to customise and manage your invoices from your smartphone, allowing you to work on the go. Using the app, you can create invoices from your current project list or convert a quote in just a few clicks. Your customers are notified by email or text, helping you get paid faster.

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Quick quotes

Create and send quick, accurate quotes that can be accepted by your customers online at the click of a button. Had a similar job in the past? Copy an existing quote and edit as necessary, or use inventory items to make a new quote within seconds and send it by email.

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Real-time status reports

Keep on top of your cash flow, with SimplyPayMe status reports. Track the status of your payments in one place, from those that have been paid to potentially overdue. Request, track and process payments, automatically updating your records as you go.

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Paperless receipts

Simplify the paperwork. Just press a button in the app to send a payment receipt to your customer’s email with your business and transaction details.

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Manage your business

Whether job scheduling, juggling customer information or creating customized paperwork, SimplyPayMe can help you manage your business for free.

Automated Invoice Reminders

Automated invoice reminders

Make sure you get paid on time with SimplyPayMe's automated invoice reminders. Simply set your preferences and let the app do the rest. You will be able to chase customers via Email and SMS at your preferred times to ensure your outstanding invoices are settled.

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Job scheduling

Never miss a job again. With SimplyPayMe, you can manage your workload from quote to completion. Our integrated calendar details your start and finish date and time, the cost of the job, the invoicing and payment status, and any quotes you might not have had accepted. In one place. Available at a glance.

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Customers' details

Customer record keeping isn’t always easy. SimplyPayMe securely collates all of your customer’s details as you go. So, should you need to track payment, reach out for marketing, or remind yourself of a job for customer follow up, you have everything you need to know.

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Customized paperwork

With SimplyPayMe, you can easily customize all of your business paperwork with your company name, logo, custom Ts&Cs and payment terms, creating the professional impression that your business needs.

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Offline working

If you don’t have a signal, you don’t have to worry. SimplyPayMe works perfectly well offline, storing data ready to sync as soon as you’re reconnected.

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Manage your team

Take bookings, allocate jobs, monitor team schedules, track payments and manage an unlimited amount of team members for only $25 per month.

Check out what SimplyPayMe Teams subscription can do for your business.

Team access

SimplyPayMe was designed to put you in control. This means that as a manager, you get the final say over the information that your team members can access. Whether straight allocated job detail or more information surrounding leads and customer information. You decide.

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Job status management

While it’s great to be able to give your team free rein, there are times when you need to know exactly what’s going on. With SimplyPayMe job status management, you can monitor and control jobs in real time. With SimplyPayMe’s drag and drop interface, you can quickly and easily schedule jobs without using anything other than your smartphone or tablet. View your daily, weekly, or monthly job schedule in your SimplyPayMe calendar. You can easily reschedule jobs using our drag and drop feature, and your team members will be automatically notified of any changes.

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With SimplyPayMe, you can manage your jobs and contact your customers all in one place. Customers receive automatic email alerts when a job is due to be started, has been finished, or if there are any changes, saving valuable time and keeping customers informed at all times.

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Performance reports

It can be difficult to know exactly how your team is doing. With SimplyPayMe’s performance reports, job data is automatically collated, allowing you to monitor individual team member performance. You’ll get detailed breakdowns of the jobs they’ve completed and individual performance, as well as a company performance overview.

Review Company Performance > 

Take control of your business, quickly,
efficiently and simply

With free to use payments and business management features for all customers, plus enhanced team management plans available, SimplyPayMe allows you to start taking control of your business from your phone. 

No hidden fees. No hardware needed.

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