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Accept Card Payments with SimplyPayMe

Start taking payments immediately using only your mobile phone


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Start taking payments immediately

Take payments anywhere, anytime with SimplyPayMe’s flexible, low-fee payment options. Try out our Payment Options:

Invoice Reminders

Mobile Card Reader

Forget about a physical POS system with SimplyPayMe's innovative card scanner. With your smartphone and a 3G connection, process card payments just as well as any big retailer. Scan your client's card with the App, enter the card's CVC, and you’re done!

Mobile Card Machine > 

Virtual Terminal

With SimplyPayMe, transform your smartphone into a professional POS terminal. The revolutionary technology enables all contactless payments made with plastic or virtual cards. ​The perfect solution for Sole Traders and SMEs. It's affordable, simple and no hardware is required.

Accept Payment Over The Phone > 

Cash Payments

By recording cash deposits in your application, you can keep track of all payment information in one place – The perfect solution when you need to reconcile or file your taxes.

Take Cash Payments > 


If your customer is absent, simply email them a secure payment link with PayLink.​ The link leads your customer to a page where they can safely add their card payment details, similar to a secure eCommerce transaction - it also acts as an online invoice.

Send Email Paylink > 

QR Code Payments

Try SPM’s new Quick Response payments system. The tool enables instant, highly secure and terminal-free payments. Quick and secure, this payment alternative allows customers to pay without any level of contact by simply using the camera on their phone.

QR Code Payments > 

Pay By Bank App (UK)

If you are tired of paying high transaction fees and waiting days for payments to process, then try out SimplyPayMe’s instant payments with Pay by Bank App for a completely contactless transaction.

Use Pay by Bank App > 

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Why should your business accept bank card payments?

SimplyPayMe offers a platform enabling a wide range of personalised transaction solutions for you and your customers, ensuring fast and efficient payments.

Need a credit or debit card transaction? SimplyPayMe accepts all payment types, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover Global Network & Amex. You can simply scan the customer’s card with your mobile phone. And if your clients pay in cash – you can record the payment in seconds.

Created by Vocalink (Mastercard), Cash and Check Tracking will remove the need for debit cards, simplify payments for all parties, and offer existing and new customers an avant-garde mobile payment solution.


How it works?

The SimplyPayMe App allows your business to accept customer card payments at ease! 

How? Through a sophisticated scanner which picks up credit or debit card details.

Step 1:

Select “Take a Payment”

Step 2:

Type the job

Step 3:

Type in the amount you’d like to charge

Your customer simply needs to add their CVV/CVC code from the back of their card and you’re all set to process the payment!

The application is fully “PCI level 1” compliant, meaning it’s 100% secure and holds the highest security achievable in the card industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The application is fully “PCI level 1” compliant, meaning it’s 100% secure and holds the highest security achievable in the card industry. While scanning the card, it is impossible to use any screen recording functions on your phone, allowing the safest of transactions.

Yes! All businesses – small to large – can accept both virtual and physical cards thanks to its high-functioning scanner which picks up credit or debit card details.

Yes, there is – Receive fast and safe contactless payments with a click of a button with SimplyPayMe’s mobile application. Our no hardware technology allows card, cash, Paylinks, QR Code and Pay by Bank app payments.

Yes, as a Sole Trader you can take payments with a personal bank account. However, you will need to first sign up and create your free business account with SimplyPayMe.

SimplyPayMe’s App allows all card payments, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover Global Network & Amex.

Start a free trial to get organised and paid faster, today.​

Forget about time-consuming manual platforms or purchasing expensive POS systems, and sign up to SimplyPayMe now! 

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