How Photographers Benefit from SimplyPayMe App

SimplyPayMe App services a wide variety of industries. One of those involves providing card reader for photographers to help freelancers and companies get paid in an instant. SimplyPayMe App started a few years back, providing merchants with a replacement to their old and outdated card payment machines. However, much to our excitement, it turned out a mobile card reader was highly demanded across all industries where you encounter customers and clients in person. In fact we have artists of all kinds making their life easer through our app. Artists like designers, writers, architects (to me these are incredible artists with a pencil!) and even a musician.

So why does a photographer need a card reader?

Well that entirely depends. It might be that you don’t need a card reader at all. You may just take a project on here and there with friends and relative whom you trust to pay you via bank transfers or in cash. However, to any freelancers just starting, it’s vital that you keep your options open and don’t limit yourself to cash only, or rely on people to transfer money via bank. Sure, there is a small transaction charge with any card reader, but bear in mind, if only one of your customers “forget” to make the bank transfer they promised, that’s a lot of transactions you could have taken before it would cost you that much in fees.

What does a card reader cost?

Our standard rate for a sole trader is 2.15% per transaction. Let’s you covered a small photo-shoot and decided to charge £400 for it. You chase them to pay the invoice for a long time without ever hearing back. Turns out they weren’t as successful as they let on and you find they are unable to pay their invoice. This means you lost £400 in one transaction. For it to cost you £400 to accept card payments, you would have to charge £18,600 in total to customers at the transaction rate of 2.15%. A card reader doesn’t sound too shabby now, I bet?

What do I do now?

If you want to see how SimplyPayMe App compares to others you can take a look at our short guide on how to choose the card reader to bet match your business. If you don’t need to do either of those, then simply click the button below to sign up for a 30 day completely free trial. You’ll be ready to take your first card payment in minutes.


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