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Send out quotes in seconds - your customers don't even need the app


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Create and send quick,
error-free quotes on the go.

Copy an existing quote and edit as necessary, or use inventory items to make a new quote within seconds. Your customer can accept the quote at the click of a button.

How does it work?

To create and send a quote, get onto your SimplyPayMe mobile app or online dashboard:

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Step 1: Setup

Tap on the "Add a Quote" button.

Step 4: Preview

Once you add the items, you can preview the quote with your company name, logo and terms.

Step 2: Add Costs

Add any costs you want to be reflected in your quote, be it “time, materials and other”.

Step 5: Send

Press send - This will send your quote to your customer’s email.

Step 3: Add Details

Once you add your cost, add details such as time, labour or consultancy costs.

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Goodbye time-consuming quotes

Forget about time-consuming quotes, invoices, spreadsheets, and calculations. And start using SimplyPayMe’s mobile app or dashboard!

Choose to create a new quote, edit an existing one, or simply copy an old one. No more mistakes, no more wasting time with SimplyPayMe’s personal invoicing tools. And it’s paperless!

Frequently Asked Questions

When your quote is sent, your customer will receive an email with a cost breakdown and your contact details. An “Accept Quote” button will clearly be displayed in the email – once clicked, you will be notified immediately.

In addition, the customer will receive the quote attached in a PDF format which they can download or print.

SimplyPayMe’s app lets SMEs and Sole Traders customise and manage quotes and invoices from their smartphones, allowing them to work any time and anywhere.

Whenever a new cost or item is added to your quote or invoice, the item will automatically be stored for you to re-use in future sales and jobs. Simply add the cost and the price, and the next time you need the same item, SmartTrade App will suggest it for you as soon as you start typing.

We offer a completely free set-up, including a complimentary trial. Once your trial is over you can select one of the paid plans starting from £1.49. Quotes are included in all plans.

Our Features

SimplyPayMe solutions help small business owners lead their enterprises by providing an all-in-one platform to manage their payments.

PaylinksFast and safe contactless payments
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QR Code Payments
QR Code PaymentsQR code with Smartphone camera
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Cash Payments
Cash PaymentsKeep track of all payment information in one place
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Record your cash trail, send invoices, and keep track of all deposits in just a few steps.
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Invoicing Software
Invoicing SoftwareMake invoicing quick, easy and paperless
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Job Quotes
Job Quotes Make quoting easy with SimplyPayMe
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Paperless Receipts
Paperless ReceiptsSimplify your admin and switch to an eco-friendly solution.
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Forget about mountains of paperwork - keep everything in one place to access anytime anywhere.
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Jobs Scheduling
Jobs SchedulingScheduling jobs has never been easier.
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Create a job, assign it to your team, or reschedule with SimplyPayMe’s Scheduling System.
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Invoice Reminders
Invoice RemindersStop chasing invoices with SimplyPayMe’s automated invoice reminders.
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Start focusing on essential tasks, and let us simplify your invoicing process.
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CRMSmall business CRM
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Run your business easily and efficiently whilst getting paid faster
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