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Yasmine’s CEO For The Day Experience

Through our “CEO of the day” program, our future leaders can experience what it’s like to lead SimplyPayMe for the day as they step into the shoes of Kent Vorland.

We are excited to welcome our new candidate to join the program. Introducing Yasmine Abdu, a Chemical Engineering graduate of University College London, our first candidate of 2022.

Here’s what Yasmine has to say about her experience as CEO for the day:

“In a saturated, relatively new market, what does it take for a company to succeed? It
starts with an inspirational leader with a vision: the CEO.

Despite my limited knowledge in the FinTech industry, the friendly team at
SimplyPayMe did a fantastic job explaining the history and future of payments, finance,
product development and data collection. I was extremely fortunate to be tasked with a
real challenge faced by Kent, which made my experience even more rewarding. Using
the knowledge I acquired throughout the week, I developed a few ideas, which I then
presented during the team meeting. When it was over, I faced several questions on
things I didn’t consider. Kent, however, kept guiding me in the right direction. Eventually,
I addressed the concerns and came up with solutions. And it was that level of support
and feedback that enabled a truly valuable learning experience.

Spending a day in Kent’s shoes at SimplyPayMe gave me an insight into how
demanding the role of a CEO is: from critical decision making to making connections to
remaining optimistic. I highly recommend this program to everyone interested in
learning more about FinTech and entrepreneurship in a friendly and supportive

Keep a lookout on our social media channels for your chance to become our next CEO For The Day candidate, where you could become a future leader too!

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