How to Accept Credit/ Debit Card Payments on Your Mobile Phone

You can accept debit or credit card payments via your mobile phone either by using card machine hardware that connects to your device via bluetooth or (even better) a card payment app that allows you to take a payment directly from your smartphone.

Customers always want a smooth and quick shopping experience. To do so, businesses develop new strategies and funnel resources to facilitate customers in new ways. One such strategy includes switching to a mobile payment system.

This system requires a aPOS (application point of sale) for your mobile device. The process of accepting payments is pretty straightforward with this method.

  1. Sign up to SimplyPayMe
  2. Enter the total amount the customer should pay
  3. Scan or enter your clients card details
  4. Payment will then be processed and be on the way to your bank account

Read more about the other ways you can use SimplyPayMe for payments.

How can you take a card payment only using your mobile phone?

This is a common question with a simple answer. The answer is aPOS, or Application Point of Sale, which has become the new hype following its predecessor mPOS, Mobile Point of Sale. What aPOS allows you to do is the reason you clicked on this link, it’s an application which allows you to accept credit- and debit cards using only your mobile phone. You can find out more here.

SimplyPayMe for example does not require hardware and enables you to transact only using your mobile phone, an app and a 3g connection.

How to Accept Credit Card Payments on Android vs. iPhone?

Before choosing a mobile card reader, check if it integrates with your mobile device or not. Most top card readers are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. However, various providers only cater to one of these operating systems. Apart from compatibility, check how the attributes of both these devices can be beneficial. SimplyPayMe is available on both Apple & Android App Stores.

·        Card Reader Supporting iPhone Devices

When it comes to Apple, consumers are more comfortable and familiar because of the credibility. If you consider it from a business perspective, this platform is stable and secure. This is especially important since you’ll be collecting sensitive data from your customers through a card reader. Therefore, it is essential for you to ensure security and build trust among consumers. With regular updates, you can minimize the risk of data loss or theft.

·        Card Reader Supporting Android Devices

By choosing Android for your mobile credit system, you can choose between a wide range of brands. You can compare these options according to price, features, credibility, and compatibility with the device. The Android platform can handle huge workload and is comparatively less expensive than an iOS platform.

Benefits of Mobile Payments to Merchants

1.     Reduce Expenses

A mobile payment system is more convenient and useful for merchants in contrast to other options. In many cases, a mobile system only requires a mobile application. A merchant can manage and process transactions by just scanning their card. They no longer require bulky infrastructure as they did for traditional payment methods.

2.     Increase Sales

Utilizing a mobile payment system will not only reduce your expenses but boost sales as well. It increases engagement, as most customers look for a seamless payment experience before they purchase. Also, the option gives you a competitive edge, which puts you in a better position to attract the target audience and increase conversions.

3.     More Security

The risks of a data breach or fraud are high among outdated payment options. Therefore, securing your payment options is necessary. Otherwise, your small business faces a potential threat. If you go through the security features of all top payment methods, mobile payments are the most secure. Developers are consistently introducing new fraud prevention tools to assist merchants while they confidently receive payments.

4.     Easy Integration

Unlike complicated programs and technologies, mobile payment systems are easy to integrate with your small business. Numerous third-party plug-ins are available for you to perform smooth transactions. These plug-ins are easy to download, install, and utilize, so you can get started in no time.

How is this different from mPOS?

Many providers will tell you that you can accept payments through your mobile phone by downloading their app, such as iZettle, SumUp, Square and PayPal Here. However, this is not entirely true, because if you want to take a face to face payment, you’ll also need to purchase their card reader.

If you can take mobile payments, but I make you buy hardware first, is it truly mobile? No, it’s not.. It’s mobile in the sense of you can move it around, but if you forget your card reader in the office or it breaks, then you won’t be able to take payments. aPOS is the only way of staying truly mobile. With SimplyPayMe App all you have to do is download our application and you’ll be able to take payments. You will never forget your phone, and if you buy a new one, simply download the app and log in on the new device. You can log in to your account from any smartphone, tablet or browser.

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