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Q&A with our very first CEO for the Day, Mattia Parati

CEO for the Day is SimplyPayMe’s newest professional program aiming at developing and empowering the youngest generations to become leaders of the future. Today, we want to introduce our very first candidate, Mattia Parati, who will be part of the team starting next week!

Full Name: Mattia Parati

Date of Birth: 21.04.1997

Place of Birth: Milan, Italy

What are you currently studying at university and where?

Currently I am undertaking my Ph.D. in Microbiology at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK. I completed my first year of studies, obtained a national grant (which will start from September 2021) and aim to finish my studies in 2 years.

After graduating, where do you see your career going? What are your goals and aspirations?

At the moment I have set up 2 companies and involved in an additional 3 companies. My two companies aim to tackle two big global issues: The first (BioEnergy Solutions Ltd.) tackles the sustainable generation of energy (through microorganisms metabolism and waste organic compounds) and the second (Symbiotex Ltd.) tackles the production/creation of sustainable-circular materials which substitute plastic solutions across a range of sectors (Fashion, healthcare, food, packaging and more). Although my long term goal revolves around solving big global issues, I am greatly involved in the Financial technology space (which I find fascinating) and I aim to bring some of my interdisciplinary expertise into it. In the mid-long term I would like to consult in the space of green solutions for the FinTech space.

Why did you apply to SimpyLead’s CEO for the Day Programme?

I applied to the program for two main reasons: To see how SimplyPayMe operates in the financial service industry with great success. The second reason is to provide personal input towards the development of SimplyPayMe’s future business and collaboration. The program offers a UNIQUE opportunity to experience a business’ operation at the top level.

What interests you about SimplyPayMe and this sector/industry?

The operational approach as well as the business model are two of the main aspects that interest me. These are of interest particularly because merchants have quite a few solutions to pick from (in terms of CRMs, e-invoicing and payment execution) and thus it is very interesting to see how such a company with a wide yet interconnected offering can thrive within the ecosystem. Furthermore the pricing model adopted by SimplyPayMe appears to be very favourable to merchants/customers, and so it is really interesting to understand the breakdown of that (revenue, breakeven, capital costs, operational costs, partners)

What are you expecting to gain from this experience?

Being part of the program will, not only, provide me with a unique experience but it will also enable me to expand my FinTech network and share FinTech-PayTech ideas and future objectives. The road towards launching a successful FinTech solution is paved with an array of obstacles, and understanding how other individuals overcome these situations, will greatly catalyse my personal and corporate success. I also look forward to exchange ideas as to how a request to pay solution would fit within SimplyPayMe’s operation and/or as an added value service on top of the CRM, einvoiving and payment capabilities. Potentially, understanding the business model might catalyse a potential collaboration between the two entities.

What interest and prior competences will help you make the most our for SimplyLead’s CEO for the Day Programme?

My interests in green and sustainable solutions will allow me to see potential new offerings that the company could explore. Furthermore, my connections within the world of FinTech/profTech/payTech (I wish everyone would stop using all these tech connotations) can allow me to provide insight into what this space needs/desires and try and align it with what SimplyPayMe wishes to offer. I have also been part of various round tables (last one this morning – sponsored by ITS with the editor of West Midlands Business Insider) on professional technologies and the development of a West Midlands FinTech hub and I am also very active in the regional development of FinTech hubs (part of Supertech and InnovateFinance).

Define in one sentence what a good CEO is to you.

A good CEO is a determined individual with great experience and vision, capable of constructing deep relationships with other businesses, spark the passion within the team and understands the aspiration/strengths of each team member.

Please share with us your top three strengths and weaknesses…

My top three strengths are:

Determination: I have faced quite a few difficulties in my 24 years of life: at 17 I decided to move to Canada to pursue my science degree, I realised the whole experience was not what I was looking for, so I returned to Italy, carried out single courses at an Italian university, retook some A-level equivalent exams, decided to follow my passion for biotechnology writhin the only university that would accept me (because of my low grades), worked 10x as hard as all of my peers to be the best, took every opportunity that would provide me with valuable skills/knowledge (3-month internship in Spain, 1 year internship in Holland) aced all of my exams, finished my dissertation in covid times and got accepted as a direct entrant to 4 Ph.D programs with scholarship (2x at UCL).

Ambition: I want to change the world. To do that I have set up 2x businesses involved in circular solutions and I am part of another 2x businesses tackling financial inclusion and opportunities. My determination, work ethics and connections will get me to where I want to be.

Hardworking: I work incredibly hard because I firmly believe in all of what I do. My motto is: “there are no shortcuts to success”.

Bonus strength: ability to see the strengths of the team!

My top three weakenesses are:

inability to say ‘no’: my hardworking character/approach is preventing my ability to have an appropriate work/life balance. I am working hard to try and change that, I am particularly keen to understand how other successful CEOs are/have been able to manage it.

Occasional Stubbornness: because I am very passionate about what I do, I take failure/incompetence/ill consideration to heart. That brings me to not let things go of that easily. I am working through it!

I am a perfectionist: I want everything I do to be perfect, but perfection is not always obtainable and is also very personal!

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