Confused by Credit Card Fees?

Lately we’ve been hearing about some small business owners who are confused by their payment provider’s credit card fees. We know how frustrating that can be—which is why we offer some of the simplest pricing schemes out there.

Pricing Can Be Complicated

We read the complaints of one customer who paid 25p for debit card transactions, 24p for Maestro, 1.7% for Visa, 1.8% for MasterCard, and 2.6% for business credit card, plus a 3.85p authorisation fee per transaction and £19.95 plus VAT each month for terminal rental.

Not only is that quite expensive, but it’s really confusing, too! That’s five different transaction fees, an authorisation fee, and a £20 monthly fee. How are you supposed to keep track of that, much less pay for it?

We saw the irritation of another customer who paid their card processor £12 per month, and then the card processor’s payment provider added a monthly £30 charge, which means the customer was paying £42 every month with no option to cancel their contract without a significant penalty.

Our Simple Pricing

We believe that the prices for payment services should be simple. That’s why we charge 2.65% + 20p per debit or credit card transaction. It’s that simple.

You can pay 1.35% + 10p or even 0% if you’d like, by passing on the transaction fee to your customer with the built-in option in the app.

No authorisation fees. No monthly fees. No contract. No complicated transaction fee structure. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s just because we believe in honest business and making things easy for you.

And the fact that you don’t have to pay to rent a terminal saves you even more money. In fact, there’s no hardware at all—all you need is your mobile.

It doesn’t get simpler than that!

Image credit: Dave Dugdale.

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