How to avoid your new SimplyPayMe App account from getting suspended

When you sign up to SimplyPayMe and start taking card payments, your card payments are handled by Stripe. Stripe are our card processing platform that we work on. Stripe processes all the customer card payments, and if they think something is suspicious, they will suspend payments and your account for security reasons while they investigate. This may happen even if you are taking legitimate card payments as when you first join the fraud filters are set very finely. However, there are ways to prevent this for occurring and so here are some tips on how you can avoid this:


DO give yourself a proper Company name, Business Name, and Account Name – “trader” or “plumbing” is too generic and isn’t easily distinguishable. Please provide proper names for you and your company and if you are a Sole Trader name yourself “(Insert your name)(Insert profession)”. Example: “Tom Banks Plumbing”.

DO try use a proper business email address associated with your business website if you have one. Example: This shows you are a proper business and not just a generic and a generic Business Name for your account.

DO verify your email and take any action on emails from – they only email you important things so do keep a lookout for emails from them in your email inbox.

DO a test payment for £1.25 in your SimplyPayMe App account – the first payment takes 3 extra days (10 non working days) and taking a test payment will get this out of the way and also verify your bank account so payments will go through more smoothly later on and only take 7 non working days.

DO proper Job records including a Customer and Invoice especially if the card transactions are over £100. Adding customers and creating invoices with proper descriptions of the services or products you are providing will generate proper documentation of payments for both Stripe and SimplyPayMe App, and is also very useful for your own records and running a good business.

DO have up to date contact information on your account, including mobile number, email, bank account, address. It’s part of our (KYC) Know Your Customer rules which requires you to have contact information that your customer can use in case there is a problem with a card payment.


DON’T take large card payments in quick succession as soon as you’ve created your account. If you use the same customer Credit or Debit card to take card payments in quick succession your account will be suspended and the card payments refunded back to the customer and you will be banned for this activity, as this is the most serious level of card fraud. If you need to take several card payments from one customer then click or tap ‘Create a Job’ then ‘Add a Customer’, then ‘Create an Invoice’, then ‘Add Costs’ and run the ONE card payment. If its a large first payment (over £1,000) then run the card payment and then email us the invoice so we can notify Stripe, and also provide any documentation or information required by Stripe.

DON’T try to commit fraud using our service – we will find out.

DON’T not do the do’s

Any questions do feel free to contact us



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