Working Virtually – For the Good of Everyone

Like the rest of the world, we’ve been watching the news a lot recently. Covid-19 is a story that rumbles on. There’s no certainty and there’s no agreement about how this thing will play out, or how best to deal with it. With a second wave considered as almost inevitable, SimplyPayMe has taken the decision to protect its team and continue to work virtually for as long as it takes.

Big decision, made simply

As businesses reopen and the public return to the high street, we’re aware that we’re bucking the trend with our decision to keep the SimplyPayMe team working from home. But for us, it’s the only ethical decision. It removes as much threat and stress from our team members as we’re possibly able to do, while still ensuring that we continue to provide a market-leading service to our customers. 

We’re not alone in this decision, with many of the tech giants across the world – Mastercard, Visa, Facebook, Google – implementing strategies to keep shared working spaces closed into 2021. With localised lockdowns in Aberdeen, Leicester and a large part of the north of England, and devastating second waves occurring overseas – Australia’s second wave has seen as many as 16,000 new Covid-19 cases, while Greece is currently preparing for a potential second lockdown – it makes sense to play our part at helping to minimise the spread. 

SimplyPayMe Chairman, Gary Prince, explains the reasoning behind the decision to maintain virtual working for the foreseeable future. ‘The greatest asset of SimplyPayMe is its people.  And in this decision, we’re putting their health and their safety first. 

‘As an employer, we have a duty of care, and in the present circumstances we believe that the best way to protect our team is to keep them at home, away from communal working spaces and away from the necessity of public transport. Hopefully, the remote payment solutions we offer will help our customers to do the same too.’

Working in the new normal

Each member of the SimplyPayMe team has been provided with everything they need to continue working from home. And while it’s a different way of working, the past several months has shown us that it is entirely viable. Thanks to our incredible team, productivity hasn’t faltered at all. Efficiency is at as high a level as it has ever been. And from an operational perspective, this move has brought as many savings and efficiencies as it has complications. It’s a sustainable way of working until it is safe – for everyone – to do otherwise. 

Kent Vorland, SimplyPayMe CEO, comments, ‘The impact of Covid-19 has been unprecedented, so the response to it has to be unprecedented too. If we’re going to beat the virus, we all need to work together. If that means changing working practices and making compromises, then that’s just how it has to be. 

‘The safety of our employees is our number one priority. We’re not willing to jeopardise that in any way.’

At the moment, we have no fixed idea of when SimplyPayMe will return to office working. For now, let’s all just stay safe and stay focused on getting through to the other side. 

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