Why SimplyPayMe Works When There’s Low Network Coverage

We’ve all been there. When you’re in a hurry, wanting to pay and the person who’s serving you is waving the card terminal in the air, trying to find a strong enough signal. 

The problem is that Instore Point of Sale (POS) payment terminals (either fixed or mobile) are all the same. It doesn’t matter which provider you’re working with; the base technology remains unchanged. Which means that the system always relies on a strong and continuous mobile signal to process payment. And this means that failed payments in areas of low coverage are a given.

So, how is the SimplyPayMe system different?

Rather than working on an MPOS base, SimplyPayMe is the only aPOS payment solution around. This means that it uses the same payment journey as ecommerce, offering a flexible customer payment service. The way SimplyPayMe operates means that the system can keep processing your payment and sending payment data with low connection. And it can do this while still ensuring maximum data protection. And guaranteeing that you’ll never double a payment or experience a failed transaction.

How does SimplyPayMe work where MPOS doesn’t?

The main difference between MPOS and the SimplyPayMe infrastructure is the payment journey. SPM captures and encrypts data before it is sent. While MPOS devices read the card, wait for pin acceptance, then encrypt the data. It’s only a slight variation, but it makes all the difference when it comes to handling a low level of connection. And this means that even if the connection falls out part way through a transaction, payment can still be processed. The data is just checked, and any lost data will be resent until authentication is complete. 

But because the data is still encrypted and never stored on the device, transactions are just as secure as other leading payment methods. And there is no risk of duplicate payments being taken. It’s basically the same payment method devised for handling online transactions, but adapted for wireless, mobile application. 

With SimplyPayMe, low coverage doesn’t need to be your kryptonite. Working quickly and securely, even when you’re clinging on to a single bar of lowly 3G, SPM is there whenever you need it to be. 

So, what do you think? Fancy trying it yourself for free?


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