What Kinds of Small Businesses Use SimplyPayMe?

When we talk about SimplyPayMe users, we usually talk about tradesmen—plumbers, builders, handymen, and so on—but all sorts of small businesses use SimplyPayMe to take card payments. Want to see who else is using the app? Here are just a few.


Patrick Coogan at Soft Tissue Therapy in Canterbury loves how easy it is to take card payments wherever he is—he doesn’t need to remember to bring a terminal when he’s out seeing clients.

“I would recommend SimplyPayMe App to any mobile or clinic-based therapist, or to any business,” he says. When compared to other services, he calls SimplyPayMe “head and shoulders above the rest”!

Personal Trainers

In the life of a personal trainer, recruiting clients is everything. Ben Winter uses SimplyPayMe to make sure it’s easy for customers to pay, meaning they’re less likely to back out of a sale.

When asked how SimplyPayMe changed his business, he replied, “Since I started using SimplyPayMe App my close rate has gone through the roof. I secure the sale on the spot. Can’t recommend SimplyPayMe App enough.”

Boutique Fashionistas

Victoria at Bloomsbury Hawkes, a boutique shop in London that sells designer clothing and accessories, appreciates the increased sales and close rates she’s seen when using the SimplyPayMe app.

She also commented on our customer service: “I feel especially supported by the SimplyPayMe App team,” she said.


Photographers may just take a project on here and there with friends and relative whom you trust to pay you via bank transfers or in cash. However, to any freelancers just starting, it’s vital that you keep your options open and don’t limit yourself to cash only, or rely on people to transfer money via bank. It is flexible and easy to start out with but it is there for if you decide to take on bigger jobs and start dealing with larger sums of money. Sure, there is a small transaction charge with any card reader, but bear in mind, if only one of your customers “forget” to make the bank transfer they promised, that’s a lot of transactions you could have taken before it would cost you that much in fees.


“I was surprised at how easy it was to take the first payment using SimplyPayMe ,” said Amanda, a beautician in Cheltenham. Kizzy, also a beautician, appreciates the ease as well, and has recommended the app to the rest of her team.

Alison, from York, sums it up well: “SimplyPayMe App is fast and efficient way to get paid in the beauty industry, either salon based or mobile.”

Landscape Designers

Dave McKay from Direct Gardens in Midlothian isn’t exactly a technical whiz, and he’s the first to admit it. But he found SmartTrade easy enough to use that he’s adopted it for use in his business.

“SimplyPayMe App is a great way to grow your business. It’s so simple to use, even for a dinosaur like myself, [and] it’s got the simplest interface. I’ve been using SimplyPayMe App for the past 10 months and I love it.”

When Will You Join?

No matter what profession you’re in, you can take advantage of the easy setup, low transaction fees, and £0 setup fees to start taking debit and credit card payments directly from your mobile. No contract or card reader required!

We wanted to shine a spotlight on one of our amazing merchants.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

“My name is Deepa and I work as a full-time artist. I work with paintings, drawings, photography, and primarily with the creation of neon light installations. I create artwork that aims to connect with society and represent cases that I am passionate about. An important factor for me is showcasing my work in public places, making it accessible for everyone”

Sounds very cool! When did you discover you had a passion for art?

“I`ve loved it for as long as I can remember! It started with a love for drawing, where I would copy drawings from comic books as a child! I would collect magazines and do black and white drawings. I would draw Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. I also had a growing love for photography and won the Olympus & Daily Mirror Young Photographer of the Year in 1984. I won £2000 worth of camera equipment, that was a huge deal for me!”

Sounds like you’ve had an amazing career so far! What does the future look like?

“I just want to keep building up what I`m doing! I`ll deal with things as they come, but the most important part is that I keep enjoying what I do. If I don’t enjoy being artistic anymore, I`ll stop! It is also important that I keep challenging myself and continue to grow on both a business and personal level”

Have you noticed any big differences in being an artist today compared to when you first started out?

“Technology has of course made a great difference! Especially for me in terms of light installations. There is so much more you can do! Social media has been a total gamechanger, allowing us artists to share our artwork globally for free! That being said, one of my favourite things to do is meeting people and talk to them about my work!”

Has SimplyPayMe app been a helpful tool for growing your business?

“SimplyPayMe has been absolutely great! I used SUMUP previously but was not happy with it. Changing to SimplyPayMe was a great decision, and the feedback I get from customers has been so positive! I love how flexible it is, and how easy it is to use. I also love that I have everything on my phone, meaning I don`t have to remember anything else!

If you want to see how SimplyPayMe App compares to others you can take a look at our short guide on how to choose the card reader to bet match your business. If you don’t need to do either of those, then simply click the button below to sign up for a 30 day completely free trial. You’ll be ready to take your first card payment in minutes.

Check out what’s included in our free and Solo plans, and sign up today!


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