UK Small Businesses are in Trouble—Here’s How SimplyPayMe Can Help

A study recently found that 40% of UK small business owners who started their business in the past three years are in financial trouble.

52% of them said that they got carried away with spending on equipment and supplies, and many said that they weren’t charging enough for their services. Over-spending and undercharging is no way to make money. So how can SimplyPayMe help?

Little Charges Add Up

If your small business is struggling financially, paying a lot of money to take payments doesn’t make any sense. Your customers are paying you for your products or services—why would you give three percent or moreof that money to your payment provider, along with a monthly fee?

And not only that, but you probably paid for an iPhone credit card readerwhen you signed up, costing you another £50 to £100 and adding to your overhead.

It may not sound like much, but all of those charges can add up over time. And an iPhone card reader doesn’t help you run your business smarter; it just lets you take payments.

SimplyPayMe Is Different

With SimplyPayMe, there’s no hardware to buy—you save up to £100 right away by taking payments directly from your mobile instead of through a mobile credit card reader. You also don’t have to worry about spending more money to replace a reader if you lose or break it.

You won’t just save money up front, though; you’ll also save on every transaction that you make through the mobile payment app. Our transaction fees are lower than the competition (from 1.99% to 2.65% + 20p), we have no monthly contract fees, and no startup fees. You can even get 0% transaction fees by easily passing them onto the customer.

But SimplyPayMe doesn’t just help you save money on payments. We also help you run a smarter business, meaning you can make more money.

By making payments easier, helping you chase down delinquent customers, tracking your customer payments, and giving you an easier, more efficient way to do your taxes, SimplyPayMe lets you focus on what you do best: providing a great product or service and making money.

Why not try it today? The app is free and you can start taking payments in just a few minutes! Download the app here.

Image credit: jazbeck via flickr.


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