The DeWalt IP68 Smartphone: A Rugged Mobile Perfect for Tradesmen

Almost everyone carries their mobile with them wherever they go. But what if you’re working on a site where your device might be damaged? Or get wet? You might not want to carry it with you all the time, but you’ll still want to make calls and get emails. What can you do?

One option is to use the DeWalt IP68 smartphone and never worry about damaging your mobile again.

Protection for the Worksite

The IP68 is designed to make your life as a tradesperson easier, whether you’re a plumber, a builder, a carpenter, a roofer, or any other profession that regularly works in tough places. The IP68 is waterproof up to 2 meters for 30 minutes, can withstand drops onto concrete from 2 meters, packs a Gorilla glass screen, and includes an amplified loudspeaker so you can hear everything you need to while you’re on the job.

The toughened glass and case make this a very rugged phone, and the water- and dust-proofing mean you don’t have to worry about shortening the life of your device by bringing it to work. The materials used in the case as well as the deep grooves provide a lot of grip, too, so you’re less likely to drop your phone. This is a serious mobile for serious jobs.

Tech for Your Life

The IP68 doesn’t just bring ruggedness to the table, though. It also brings Android 5.1, 4G LTE reception, a 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera, a massive battery, NFC communication, and Qi wireless charging. And to make it easier to use your mobile both for work and personal uses, you can easily switch between two SIM cards.

DeWalt didn’t skimp on technology for this phone, but they managed to keep the price down. At £450 with VAT, it’s not super easy on your wallet . . . but neither is replacing your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy after you drop it in a puddle at the job site. The amount of protection built into the IP86 should also help keep it running longer, meaning you’ll have to replace it less often.

A Perfect Match

DeWalt’s new phone is a perfect match for the SimplyPayMe App. It’s rugged, easy to use, and makes your life easier. By combining the two, you’ll get a phone that stands up to the rigors of everyday use at the work site, and an app that lets you manage your jobs, quotes, customers, invoices paperlessly and even take credit and debit card payments right from your phone with no card reader. You won’t even have to walk back to your van.

And what’s simpler than that?

Should You Buy the DeWalt IP68?

If you work in a trade where your mobile could be put in danger, the IP68 could be a good investment. It’s certainly not cheap, but as we mentioned, it’s probably better than replacing your iPhone or Galaxy when you drop it in the mud or it gets crushed by a power tool.

Then again, if your trade doesn’t put your device in danger on a regular basis, you might just go with a regular Android phone to save a hundred quid or so. It depends on how much you value the ruggedness of your phone. But if you need all the protection you can get, the IP68 is the way to go.

The DeWalt phones website has a list of vendors that stock their phone, including ITSKickMobilesToolStop, and others. There’s also a tool you can use to find the vendor that’s closest to you. Figure out the best place to buy one, and grab one soon! You won’t regret it.

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