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SimplyPayMe – More than Simple Payment Solutions

SimplyPayMe is known for providing leading edge payment solutions for SMEs. But what you might not know is that we offer so much more than that. As well as helping you to take seamless payments from your customers in person, online or over the phone, with no other tools than your smartphone. We can help you take control of some of your most time-consuming paperwork. And that’s all without paying a single penny. 

Want to know more? Here’s what SimplyPayMe can do for you. 

SimplyPayMe’s Standard Features

Manage your money

Invoicing and Quotes 

Whether you invoice up front, after the fact or as you work, SimplyPayMe allows you to manage your invoices from your phone. You can easily create quotes, and seamlessly produce paid receipts. You can even request, track and process deposits, automatically updating your records as you go, without going anywhere near a laptop. 

Invoices into AccountingComing Soon!

If you know the pain of collating paper invoices into a spreadsheet when the taxman comes calling, Invoices into Accounting could be your new favourite thing. Once released, this software will help you do your books as you go. Organising your invoices into a bookkeeping format, so you’ll simply need to download your SimplyPayMe CSV file and integrate it with the rest of your accounts. Quick, efficient, and headache-free. 

Manage your business

Job Scheduling

These days, a diary isn’t enough when it comes to scheduling work. The SimplyPayMe app allows you to keep track of every job on your calendar. It doesn’t just detail the start and finish date and time, but the cost of the job, the invoicing and payment status, and any quotes you might not have had accepted. You’ll never miss a job or lose a payment again. 

Customer Information 

Whether for scheduling, bookkeeping or marketing purposes, having access to organised and detailed customer information can be a boon for your business. With the SimplyPayMe customer management feature, you can record as much or as little information as you need – and access it whenever you need to. 

Customise paperwork 

You’re a professional. Your paperwork should reflect that. That’s why you can customise all of your SimplyPayMe paperwork with your company name, logo, bespoke Ts&Cs, payment terms, and anything else you think is relevant. 

Work offline 

In an ideal world, you’d never need to work offline. Wi-Fi would be everywhere, and it would be fast. But right now, that’s far from always the case. That’s why the SimplyPayMe app works when you don’t have a signal. Just use it as you usually would, and all data will sync as soon as you’re back online.   

And there’s more…

All of that’s before we’ve even got to the subscription services! With SimplyPayMe Teams, you can currently manage a team of 15 and will soon be able to manage an unlimited number of team members, allowing you to monitor their schedules in real time, create performance reports, administer drag and drop scheduling, and handle customer communication. In short, everything you need to make your business life simpler. 

Let SimplyPayMe simplify your business and money management. Find out more.

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