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My Summer Internship as a Product Specialist

My experience as a Product Specialist Summer Intern at SimplyPayMe

As my summer internship is coming to an end, I cannot help reflecting on this incredibly insightful experience.

I am Greta Farina, an incoming third-year PPE student majoring in economics at King’s College London and Product Specialist summer intern at SimplyPayMe. SimplyPayMe is an award-winning global provider of payments technology and infrastructure. Its software solution makes it easier for merchants living in the United Kingdom and United States of America to manage their payments.

It was the 25th of May when I first met Sophie for my interview and got offered the place. I remember the excitement and hope I felt after that first call for having the chance to immerse myself in a start-up was exactly the experience I was looking for. I wanted to experience a professional environment where I could actually take on responsibility and try as many different new things as possible.

The second person I met was Kent, and I immediately realised that with such a sensitive yet bright and aware CEO, my choice to work at SimplyPayMe would have paid off for sure. I believe, indeed, that SimplyPayMe reflects a lot Kent as a person. Firstly, for the culture he managed to install in the workplace, characterised by incredibly talented professionals who are yet always there to help you and answer your questions. And secondly, for the product itself and the growth perspective: without his experiences, what SimplyPayMe offers would simply not be the same.

My experience was so special also thanks to Emily who is the person I worked the most closely with as she is the Product Specialist. She is only 22 and this makes her even more exceptional for she is one of the most professional and efficient workers I have ever met yet she is the type of person that makes you feel comfortable to ask her those silly questions you are sometimes scared to ask.

Everyone I met here starting from the 5th of July, my first working day, enriched my path considerably and taught me something: Gary gifted me with several insights from the payment industry, and Maggi showed me what creativity and dedication look like. Most importantly, my experience with SimplyPayMe set a standard for me, and I will never settle for less in both professional and personal terms.

The greatest thing about working here has been the opportunity to try a wide range of new things, from the creativity that comes with ideas to improve the product to the organizational skills needed to organize the CEO for the Day.

I will be forever grateful to Sophie for having onboarded me and to everyone in the team for having rendered my three months here so special.

If you wish to find out more about working with us – contact us on careers@simplypayme.com

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