Risk Matrix

Master the fundamentals of risk assessments to win more work!

At SimplyPayMe, we understand how important it is to simplify processes so our customers can get keep up with customer demands. And that is especially important when tackling things that involve complicated regulatory requirements

Recently one of our partners, HANDS HQ, the UK’s most-trusted risk assessment and method statement software, released an ebook that set to out to demystify risk assessments. Despite being the foundation of effective health & safety, many small business owners struggle to understand how to write a risk assessment spending hours, or paying a health & safety consultant to create it for them.

The ebook breaks down risk assessments into manageable steps so that risk assessments can be accessible to all. You will learn:

  • What is a risk assessment and why they’re important
  • How to tackle risk assessments if you don’t have a safety team
  • The biggest mistakes you can make when creating a risk assessment
  • How to write a risk assessment
  • And 5 top tips to master risk assessments

‘How to write a risk assessment’  will enable you to write high-quality risk assessments with ease. You’ll have more time to focus on the task at hand rather than the paperwork requirements surrounding it. Find out more, and download your copy, here.

HANDS HQ is the only risk assessment and method statement software built for the specific needs of high-risk work. Sole traders and renowned industry-leaders alike use its RAMS app to streamline the risk assessment process and provide actionable insights that make work safer.

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