How to accept credit/debit card payments with SmartTrade App

One of the greatest upsides to SmartTrade App are all your choices when it comes to accepting a payment. In short, there are 3 ways you can accept credit card payments via our app:

  • Face to Face
  • Over the Phone
  • Via Paylinks

For our full introductory guide to the SmartTrade Application, please visit How to get started with SmartTrade’s Card Paymant App

Face to Face

When we say “Face to Face,” we are talking about those situations where you are with your customer, either in your office or on-site and they present you with their credit or debit card. Instead of having to lead them to, or carry around a chunky card reader, all you have to do is scan their card with SmartTrade App’s card scanner. Here are the steps to complete the payment:

  1. 1. Open your application and select “Take Card Payment” from the bottom of your screen
  2. 2. Enter what the payment is for (optional), and click “Continue”
  3. 3. Enter the total amount the customer should have to pay
  4. 3a) Select if you would like to roll the card fee over to the customer bill (Consumables)
  5. 3b) Select if your charge is including, excluding or zero VAT
  6. 3c) Click “Continue”
  7. 4. You will see a screen which recommends you hand the phone over to the customer. We encourage this as most customers feel more comfortable scanning their own card.
  8. 5. Select “Continue Card Payment”
  9. 5a) On this screen you will see the options “Cash” and “Paylinks” which you will be able to read about further down.
  10. 6. Your customer will see a summary of the job and the total charge, where they simply have to tap “I Accept”
  11. 7. You are on the last screen which allows you to capture the card details under the scanner.
  12. 7a) By tapping the keyboard icon in your upper right corner, you may also add the card details manually if your customer is uncomfortable with the scanner.
  13. 8. Once the card details have been captured, simply enter the CVC and complete the payment.
  14. 8a) If the card is a bit worn, it will help to click the little flash icon on the top of your screen, which will turn on your phone’s flashlight if you have one.

Pro tip: If you are not in front of your computer, but you need to take a card payment over the phone, you can do this via the app as well. Turn your phone on speaker phone, exit the phone screen and open SmartTrade App. Follow steps 1 through 7 above and tap the keyboard icon in the upper right corner. While your customer is on speaker, you can add their card details manually into the application and charge them, no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Over the Phone Payments

With SmartTrade App you can process Card Not Present (CNP) transactions securely over the phone. This can be done directly through your online dashboard, or even directly through the app (please see the Pro Tip under “Face to Face”). There are two different ways of taking the payments over the phone, depending on whether you have already created a job for the payment, or if you don’t have a job open and just want to process the payment. Here are the steps:

  1. 1. You have two options to get started:
  2. 1a) From the home page in your dashboard, select “Take Card Payment”
  3. 1b) On any job page, select “Get Paid” or “Get Paid for this Job”
  4. 2. If you’ve selected option 1a) you will first be asked to enter a job name, which you can choose to skip, or select an already existing job. If you’ve selected 1b) you will arrive directly at the “Amount” page.
  5. 3. Enter the total amount you wish to charge the customer.
  6. 3a) Choose if it’s excluding, including or zero VAT
  7. 3b) Click “Add Card Fee” if you wish to add this to your customer’s bill and click “Continue”
  8. 4. Confirm the total, enter your customer’s card details and select “Process Payment”
  9. 4a) Just like with the application, you will also see “Cash” and “Paylinks” on this screen, which I will explain below.

Pro Tip: Create a job for the payment before processing cards. This way you will already have the invoice ready in one click, all the details for the job and when you click “Get Paid for this Job” you will go straight to the total amount and you’ve taken the payment in the blink of an eye.

What is a Paylink? And how do I use it?

A paylink is a secure, unique link you can email to your customers which gives them the opportunity to pay you for a job by entering their own card details. Some customers often feel much more comfortable entering their card details themselves, rather than giving them away over the phone. This option is included in your SmartTrade subscription. In order to utilize, you simply follow these steps:

    1. 1. Depending on whether you are in your dashboard or in-app:
    2. 1a) In-app: please complete steps 1 through 5 of “Face to Face”
    3. 1b) In your browser: please complete steps 1 through 3 of “Over the Phone”
    4. 2. Select the “Paylink” (Browser) or “Send Paylink” (in-app)
    5. 2a) In-app: Confirm the total and press “I Accept”
    6. 2b) In your browser: Enter your customer’s name and email and click “Send Paylink”
    7. 3. In-app: select or enter the customer’s name and enter their email. Click “Continue”
    8. 4. Your customer will receive an email with a link they can click to arrive at the payment page. The payment will need to be made within 48 hours. The email will also contain an electronic invoice for your customer’s convenience.


Paylinks From Online Dashboard


Paylinks From Your Mobile Application


Pro Tip: If your customers are reluctant and perhaps not to familiar with terms from the payment industry, such as PCI compliance, tell them you can send them a paylink. Many feel much more comfortable with this as it allows them to be in control of the card processing and gives a similar experience to that of online shopping. A feeling most of us are used to and have no problems with.

Extra: Cash Payments


Not only do we allow for all the above payments, but because we want you to be able to track everything in SmartTrade, you can also track cash payments. Follow the steps above to the point where you see the “Cash” option. Select this option and the amount will be calculated towards your total in SmartTrade App dashboard for you to track and manage everything using only SmartTrade App.

Pro Tip: If you receive bank transfers, track these as well by recording them as cash in SmartTrade App. This will track the payments towards your month totals. You can simply add to your notes in the specific job that this was not a cash payment, but bank transfer.

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