How Dream Doors Franchisees Have Embraced SimplyPayMe App

Accepting debit- and credit card payments allows your business to become much more flexible. Despite transaction rates you may not experience on a bank to bank transfer, this will still greatly benefit you in the long run. Your customers will appreciate that you accommodate them in however way they would like to pay, which in turn increases the chances of those customers recommending you to others and coming back for future needs.

SimplyPayMe’s App has over the past few months been working with several franchisees from Dream Doors, serving as a card payment facility provider, as well as a tool for customer relations (CRM), invoicing, scheduling and team management. Not only are we proud to be providing all of these facilities to Dream Doors, but we are happy to do so at a severely discounted subscription and transaction rate.

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Don’t just take our word for it, as we’ve talked to a couple of the most active customers we have from Dream Doors. Here’s what they had to say about how SimplyPayMe App has been useful to their business:

Jon Brown – Dream Doors West Nottingham

”I received word of SimplyPayMe through Rick, our franchise manager, who mentioned they provided card payment facilities and were willing to offer us a solid deal right from the get-go. We’ve now been with them for about 8 months and are very satisfied with not only the product, but the service and support we’ve received whenever we need it. Their range of functionalities have helped us with both running our business and allowing customers to pay in any way they want; we can take payments straight from our showroom, while on the phone with a customer or simply send an invoice straight to their email and the customers pay themselves! Not needing any other hardware than your phone is fantastic!”

If you ever need any help with your kitchen and live around the Nottingham area, get in touch with Jon or Hilary Brown through their website:

Dream Doors Nottingham

Gary Bromley – Dream Doors Stourbridge

”It’s close to 1.5 years since I first heard about SimplyPayMe when I started with Dream Doors. I needed a card payment facility and they had a deal ready so a no brainer, really. We had no idea it would be as efficient and easy to use as it was. Just an app! Anyone in the staff can take payments from customers at any time, it’s been great for us.”

If you live in the Stourbridge area and need some expert advice or help with the kitchen then get in touch with Gary here:

Dream Doors Stourbridge

We’re delighted to have received such great feedback from two very successful business owners. Nothing makes us happier here at SimplyPayMe App than hearing satisfied customers tell us about how we’ve been able to help them in their daily lives, as that’s what we’re all about. If you’re a Dream Doors franchisee and you’re looking to replace or get your first card payment facility, let us know and we’ll make sure you get started in minutes!


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