Find Out How SimplyPayMe Can Help Your Business Thrive Post Covid 19

Getting paid is the cornerstone of any business. It doesn’t matter if you’re an educator, retailer, tradesperson or tech entrepreneur. The one uniting factor between you is that you need to get paid if you want your business to thrive, or even just to survive. But managing cash flow in business isn’t always easy. Especially when there are so many disruptive factors at play without having to consider the impact of covid 19.. That’s why SimplyPayMe has developed a payment solution that allows small businesses to invoice clients and process payments whenever, wherever and however they like. Without the need for any tools other than a smartphone

Kent Vorland, SimplyPayMe CEO, comments, ‘The impact of Covid-19 has been unprecedented, so the response to it has to be unprecedented too. If we’re going to beat the virus, we all need to work together. If that means changing working practices and making compromises, then that’s just how it has to be. 

The way that we all do business has changed in 2020 and into 2021. Covid-19 has necessitated a restructuring that can accommodate social distancing and allow us to do things more remotely. Ways of taking payment have had to evolve too. SimplyPayMe is here to help you find an easier way to get paid, so you’re free to focus on growing your business, implementing the new Government precautions and keeping yourself, your team and your customers safe. 

We have recently been able to provide assistance for a home loans business, which would usually send their 1,200 representatives out on daily rounds to collect payments from its clients, however in the current climate, this would put their staff and business at huge risk. Utilising the SimplyPayMe payment solution, they are able to:

  • Continue to operate as a business
  • Continue to offer loans to people in the most need
  • Keep their staff working from home preventing any risk 
  • Keep their jobs going

A Volunteer success story emerging out of the Pandemic 

VEELOOP are an online approval and payment service, that was developed in the midst of the pandemic to help young people shop online. VEELOOP  had identified there was a significant issue with people (especially the elderly and vulnerable) being overly reliant on cash, which heightens the risk of fraud and contamination, and of course both volunteer and vulnerable person becoming unwell. This all came about when Sara Hill, a freelance business consultant, who was volunteering for her local Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group, she started to experience problems taking payments, and saw that this would cause issues for other also. Sara decided to post a request on a number of fintech forums, asking if anyone was able to help with finding a solution for the payments problem volunteers were facing. VEELOOP were able to find help and support from some great companies, and in just 4 weeks, the VEELOOP team have launched VHELP, a service that enables a secure contact free payment flow which minimizes any potential risk to the volunteers and the vulnerable. Not only are they helping those in need, but they are also providing insight and an audit trail of volunteer activities for coordinators/organisations.

SimplyPayMe were tremendously impressed with what an excellent initiative VHELP is. The business is delighted to support this amazing service and took the decision to donate our payment technology for the VHELP volunteers to utilise, alongside iZettle, a PayPal service, who have provided a number of physical card readers. A small pilot was launched and is currently underway with mutual aid groups in North London.

Gary Prince, the SimplyPayMe Chairman said “In this time of an unprecedented crisis, we are all looking to see how we can help those less fortunate. VHELP is an amazing initiative which SimplyPayMe is delighted to support. It is the type of service our technology is designed to serve, simplifying the collection of payments”

How our APOS technology can help in these tough times

SimplyPayMe’s payments technology boasts a number of different ways to take payments from clients/customers, many of them being able to be used without having to make any face to face contact. This is a huge help to volunteers, and businesses who are trying to carry on with their day to day, without having to leave the comfort of their own home, reducing the risk of contracting (or spreading) the virus.

Over the phone

You know how takeaways and catalogue companies have always been able to take payment over the phone with an EPOS system or card reader? Well, SimplyPayMe allows you to do the same without any of the fancy equipment. Using the dashboard on your computer or smartphone app, you can simply enter the customer’s card details and process their payment while they’re talking to you. 


With paylinks, all you need to do is send an online invoice to your customer via email. When they open it, they will be led to a secure webpage where they can enter their details and process payment. Nothing could be easier.

Other payment solutions

Face to face

If your job still necessitates regular customer contact and you like to take payment as you go, you can still make the most of SimplyPayMe’s features. 

  • Using your phone in lieu of a card reader, you can securely scan customers credit and debit cards. Payment will be processed instantly, as with any other card transaction. 
  • While our Pay by Bank App allows you to accept direct bank to bank payments from customers with eligible banking applications. This carries a tiny 0.45% transaction fee. 
  • And, of course, you can still take cash payments, if you prefer. Just use the SimplyPayMe app to record your transactions (and bank transfers), to make your bookkeeping a little easier. 


This isn’t available quite yet, but SimplyPayMe for eCommerce will be launching very soon, with a whole range of exciting features just for e-tailers. 

SimplyPayMe has been around for more than a decade now (you may previously have known us as SmartTrade). Long before even a whisper of Covid-19 touched anyone’s nightmares. Our aim originally was to help small businesses to achieve their potential by providing the essential services they need. And that is still our ambition. But added to that, there’s the incentive to keep our users safe. We’re keeping our team as safe as possible by allowing remote working for as long as it takes. We want to try and help you do the same, by giving you the tools to take payments, manage to schedule and handle customer communication from a distance. So that there’s no need to start again when we all come safely out the other side.  


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