Customer Appreciation

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to celebrate—not just as a family, but as a business, too. And what better way to celebrate the holiday season than show your customers that you appreciate them?

Showing You Care Means a Lot

One of the common reasons for customers leaving a company is not feeling appreciated—this is a big advantage for small businesses, who have a closer relationship with all of their customers, and a much bigger problem for large companies.

So how can you show that you appreciate your customers this holiday season? There are a number of ways, but they all come down to one simple idea: telling your customers that they’re important to you.

Really. That’s all there is to it.

Finding the Right Way to Say it

Of course, how you say it is up to you. Here are just a few ideas that other small businesses have used:

* Sending a handwritten note to say “thanks”
* Delivering a small gift
* Running a promotion or discount for long-time customers
* Featuring customers on social media
* Starting a loyalty program
* Sending tea or biscuits

When you’re busy gearing up for and getting through the holiday season, it can seem like a lot of extra effort to do something like this for your customers.

But the holiday season is all about giving, and your customers will appreciate it more than you know. You can feel good about what you’re doing, your business will benefit from increased customer loyalty and retention, and everyone will be happier.

What’s there to lose?

Image credit: Iain Farrell via flickr.

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