Celebrating the Wonderful Women in SimplyPayMe App

In our blogs we often write about how to thrive as a small business owner, what card reader you should choose, how to make the most out of every season, even in downtimes and so on. However, SimplyPayMe App are proud to support other values than just trying to take care of our merchants and small business owners around the UK. On a day like today, we’d like to take a moment to honour the incredible women in SimplyPayMe’s range of executives who are absolutely vital to our daily operations. Without them, there would be no SimplyPayMe App!

Catherine Woolgar – CTO and Co-Founder

Catherine is one of the two people who not only founded the company but has been the brain behind the entire structural architecture of our software which thousands of small businesses rely on across the UK daily. She works day in and day out, leading our development team, to ensure our application is running smoothly and consistently. In her spare time, you’ll find Catherine out in the waves on her surfboard, tearing up the sea!

Angela Swift – CFO

Our second manager, out of three, in SimplyPayMe App is our Chief Financial Officer, Angela. Having a PhD in particle physics and 15 years in banking on her back, she’s the most capable and organised person you will ever meet. She is always in control and on top of everything. Not only is she leading our financials, but has also taken on the responsibility to ensure SimplyPayMe is completely compliant once GDPR comes around in May, as our Data Protection Officer. With a family and 3 year old son to take care of, she vaguely remembers the concept of what people call “spare time.” However, to this day it remains but a mystery!

“With careers in physics and banking, both very male dominated sectors, it has been a refreshing experience working in Fintech at SimplyPayMe and getting the opportunity within management to shape the company to a more balanced and progressive environment. Technology is adopted here to deliver flexible working so combining family and work has not been the usual juggle and compromise. Whilst no specific policy in place, the majority of company hires (e.g. from data scientists to UI/UX designers etc.) have been with women where we recognise the under-appreciated yet shining gems in the workforce. Happy #IWD sisterhood!”

Maggi – Head of Support

When anyone has a question, comment or problem, the woman in charge of making sure you’re sorted and walking away with a smile on your face is our head of support. Her and her team deal with all sorts of people, and everyone gets treated with the same level of respect and kindness no matter who they are, or what the enquiry may be about. She’s the reason people stay happy when using SimplyPayMe App!

“No matter how challenging it is to be a head of Support, every day is different, and it is a constant adventure. The sincere appreciation from the people I work with, truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other. All in all, we’ve managed to create effective workplace where all people can thrive.”

Would you like to donate to the International Women’s Day charity of choice? This year they’ve selected the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). Click through to the IWD website to read more about the cause or to make a donation.

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