Angel Business Club continues to support SmartTrade

Over the years there have been many people and organisations who have helped us get where we are today. One of these is the Angel Business Club, or ABC. In this post we want to give a shoutout to the people and members at ABC to show our gratitude as they keep relentlessly supporting SmartTrade App as we grow to serve merchants all across the UK.

ABC is a membership only, business accelerator. The club carefully selects which businesses they choose to work with and help grow, after which they invite their members from all over the globe to participate and invest. The key benefit to ABC’s members is the opportunity to invest in small, high-growth companies they would not have had the possibility to invest in, if not as a member of the club.

If you are interested in investing and participating in the growth of small companies in the UK, then we invite you to have a look at ABC and apply to become a member by clicking the button below.

Angel Business Club


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