Inclusive Fintech 50 announces SimplyPayMe as 2021 Winners!

SimplyPayMe was selected alongside start-ups that help low-income customers and micro, small and medium enterprises. There were 377 applicants from 77 countries, and we made the top 50! Knowing that we have made a difference in financial and digital inclusion to SMEs around the globe and also being recognised for it means so much to us. We are looking forward to continuing in 2022 and beyond!

What is the Inclusive Fintech 50 award?

The Inclusive Fintech 50 (IF50) competition recognizes 50 startups that are helping low-income customers and micro, small and medium businesses for the year.

Applicants are assessed on the degree to which they will drive financial inclusion through a competitive process led by a panel of independent judges from venture capital, technology, and financial services.

Fintech startups’ adaptations to support Pandemic COVID-19 recovery have been revealed during the IF50 application process:

  • The majority of applicants (SimplyPayMe being one of them) demonstrated growth in 2021 despite the COVID lockdowns. The increase in applications reflects growing confidence in digital financial services,
  • Some startup companies may have been affected by the pandemic, which prompted them to take measures such as providing grace periods, or waiving fees. Despite such difficulties, those companies are cautiously optimistic about the future of their products, expecting increased demand.

What benefit does the award bring?

  • Visibility
    by winning the award, we were able to put ourselves out there in front of potential investors and potential users as the competition is supported by global leaders in financial services, venture capital, asset management, and inclusive financial services. The more our company is visible to the right target audience the more we can grow and expand upon our services, providing the best user experience.
  • Credibility
    with SimplyPayMe having this award under our belt, it proves our work has been recognized and awarded by leaders in the financial services industry, which offers potential investors and users confidence in our expertise, Further allowing us to grow and expand upon our services

To summarise

We have felt a great deal of confidence after winning an award that is both highly competitive and well known throughout the FinTech community, knowing that our service has been recognized for excellence. However it does not end there as the award has only just motivated us to grow and expand even more than before. We will work much harder to make 2022 an even bigger year!

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