Need to print an invoice?

Need to print invoices off for your files or for a customer? Want to keep a paper record of all your payments? Need to organise your paperwork for your taxes?

SmartTrade App makes things simple.

You have two super easy options.

Option 1: You will see a “Send me a copy option” (see pic below) after creating an Invoice on the app or Web Dashboard. From there you can print if off from the email which has the invoice attached

On the email, click the attached file and then click the Print button which will be at the top of the document. See the picture below;

Option 2: Preview the invoice > right click > print. See picture below;

Option 3: You can always go paperless with SmartTrade App. All your invoices, jobs and payments are neatly stored in your web dashboard, and with our upgrade package you can download them all in one click! See picture below;

Need any help? Feel free to email us at or visit the Support section on our website for our FAQ’s and other useful information.

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