How to ensure you get paid and keep making money in seasonal downtimes

January and August are dead months on many fronts. How do you stay on top of your business, make sure you’re still able to get paid and make everything go around, all at the same time? Here are 5 useful ideas you can apply to keep business coming in, even during seasonal downtimes.

1. Have a go at pop-up sales

Everyone loves a good sale. Pop-up sales offer great discounts for a limited time only. Utilize social media to promote your products and services, and generate excitement around upcoming pop-up sales. Contact existing customers by mailing lists to offer them early access. Having a short time limit gets people more excited and eager to purchase your goods while the sale is still on. Secure yourself a mobile card reader so you can get out there, get paid and close sales immediately, rather than waiting for the customers to come to you.

2. Generate hype

January is a particularly cold and dark month. However, hosting an exciting event may be just what it takes to get your customers out of their couches to stop by in even the gloomiest of months! Partner up with local businesses, charities or artists to make the event even more memorable. Make pedestrians ask: “What is going on over there?” spark curiosity and increase traffic. The event doesn’t have to be big. Provide samples and freebies at the event to let new customers try your products.

3. Use downtime to your advantage

Instead of sitting around waiting for the next customer or phone call to arrive, spend time revisiting and optimising your business marketing strategy! Take a good look at your demographic and ask yourself: Who are my customers? How do I get new customers? Am I doing what I can with the tools I have available? Exploring new marketing strategies can not only ensure that previous customer keep coming back, but may also open up your business to new audiences.

4. Improve your social media channels

Building on the previous tip, spend time improving your online presence through social media. Social media never sees any downtime, so it is a great, and free, marketing method which allows you to reach out to new customers locally, nationally or even worldwide. Be active, post photos of new products and have people get to know your business. Do a social media giveaway or competition to attract new followers and customers. If you have a website, give it a makeover. The opportunities are endless!

5. Provide business flexibility, get paid

This one is especially important for keeping an on-the-go business profitable. If your business is constantly on the move, there’s no telling when you might be picking up new customers and jobs. Don’t risk missing out on a sale by not being prepared to take payments at any time. The use of a mobile card reader, such as SmartTrade App ensures business flexibility, making sure you can get paid whenever, and wherever you are.

As dull as January and August may be, this doesn’t have to be the case for your business! Be creative, improve your marketing strategies and create a buzz. This will not only keep business flowing, but create opportunities to reach out to new customer groups. Don`t miss out on getting paid, make use of mobile card payment options available to you by signing up to SmartTrade App today, ensuring you are able to take card payments at all times!

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