Customise your Invoice and Job Numbers!

Maggi,  August 21, 2016

You can easily swap your Invoicing software to SmartTrade, or create your own Invoice or Job prefix letter and numbers.

In the SmartTrade Web Dashboard you can start from whatever Invoice or Job number you need.

Just login and click Account Settings;


Then click on Invoice Settings and you will see four boxes where you can Set Invoice Prefix which are the letters that will appear before the Invoice number.

Then set the Invoice start number, if in your system you are already on Invoice 100, box so your business can have no interruptions.

Then you can do the same with Jobs and Job Numbers.

Unsure what to write?

JOB and INV are very popular prefixes so you might want to consider them. Or the first three letters of a company name are very popular too.

Its that easy!

Why not signup today. Its free!

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