£10 per month for teams who 
need to accept payments
and get organised

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Organise your team and let their smartphones take payments

All the features of Invoicing Plus and more

No hardware to pay for

Your team can take Pay by Bank app or card payments using just their smartphones. Being paid in cash? No problem, just mark it up on the app, or your office administrator can take payments over the phone or send payment links via email. Your team can then send out paperless email receipts to customers instantly

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Manage your team
members’ privileges

Sensitive data can be protected by deciding what your team can and cannot see. ‘Owner’ and ‘Admin’ rights can be set up on the SimplyPayMe dashboard. This allows you to protect job leads and customer data

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Real-time monitoring
and control of jobs

Receive notifications when jobs that have been assigned to your team members are updated, payments are made or the job is completed. No extra software required

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Drag and drop scheduling

View your daily, weekly or monthly job schedule in your SimplyPayMe calendar. Easily reschedule or reassign jobs by just dragging and dropping them in the calendar. Your team members are automatically notified of any job changes in real time

Customer communication

Customers receive automatic email alerts when a job is due to be started, has been finished, or if there are any changes, saving valuable time and keeping customers informed at all times

Team reports and analysis

View the performance of the company and the individual team members to see who’s shining. Get detailed breakdowns of the jobs they’ve completed and the money they’ve brought in

Need to organise a team & allow members to take payments?

Our Team Management Product also includes all the invoicing and payments features within the Invoicing Plus plan.

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