Starting a Small Business and Getting Paid

Start your business and get paid faster

A lot goes into starting your own business. You need to get your equipment set up, your accounts in order, potentially registering with Company House (or the equivalent) – And this is all before you start getting paid!

SmartTrade App takes a little bit of hassle out of starting your business and getting that first of many payments through.

SmartTrade App is your personal invoicing tool

Creating a working invoicing and payment setup is time-consuming, but SmartTrade App takes care of that. You can easily create quotes and send invoices to clients all from your smartphone. You won’t need to do any calculations, deal with spreadsheets, or take extra equipment to a job. It’s all right there in the palm of your hand.

This makes it perfect for businesses that are on the move – And unlike other mobile card readers, you won’t need another piece of equipment to worry about.

Get paid faster

When the job’s done and it’s time to take a credit or debit card payment, SmartTrade App couldn’t be simpler. It’s designed to allow you to quickly scan the card, enter the amount you want to charge, select how you wish to divide the transaction cost, and then completes the payment.

Both the business and the client are protected by the security systems SmartTrade App and its partners have in place, making each and every transaction safe and secure.

Making business easier

SmartTrade App is all about making it easier for your business to get started and get paid. Our setup process is quick and easy, meaning you won’t have to wait for weeks to be approved.

Instead, you’ll be up and running and ready for business.


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