Accepting Card Payments in 2018

Modern technology is proving more and more efficient in all aspects of our lives. The way we accept and make payments for goods and services is certainly no exception. Hundreds of billions of pounds are being transacted every year, exclusively through credit and debit card purchases in the United Kingdom; and we’re making the pounds […]

How Will EU’s Card Surcharge Ban Affect UK Small Businesses

Card payments are overtaking cash payments in the UK with card and contactless payments proving more popular than cash this year, making up 54% of total spending in 2016. The Payment Services Directive, called PSD2, coming into force by 2018, has made it illegal for businesses to charge extra for using a debit or credit […]

What is aPOS – Application Point of Sale?

Application Point of Sale (aPOS) is defined as a software or application which performs the same functions as that of a physical cash register or traditional Point of Sale (POS). aPOS differs from Mobile Points of Sale (mPOS) in that it does not require any additional hardware such as a card reader in order to […]

PCI Compliance and your SmartTrade App

PCI Compliance is vital to your business’ integrity when dealing with customers and payments. It can set you apart from your competitors and helps build trust with your clients. The more a customer trusts you, the more likely they will not only come to you when they need your products or services, but they’re also […]

6 Reasons for why you need APOS

Have you ever set up a business? A merchant account? Or generally, gone online to research credit or debit card readers? Then you know the term POS (Point Of Sale). POS is a very broad definition of where the sale or customer transaction takes place. This could be the physical location or as specific as […]

SmartTrade App introduces aPOS (App Point of Sale)

Mobile Payments is an ever changing, highly disruptive market. The past year has seen major growth in areas like mPos, NFC and Contactless. Continuing this disruption, SmartTrade App carved a new place in the market, under a new category we like to call, aPos (App Point of Sale.) First there were POS (Point of Sale) […]

Writing Down Card Details Will Get You Fined

Security and fraud has been a growing concern in the card payments field. With the ever growing popularity of card payments, there has also been a rise in card fraud and data hacking. Most of this comes down to the storing of card information. A study by the ICO (UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office) found that […]

How Will Brexit Affect UK Small Businesses?

Regardless of how you feel about the political decision, you’re probably wondering how the major change of leaving the EU could affect your business. The repercussions of Brexit will be wide-ranging and potentially very unpredictable, but there are a few things that you can probably count on. On the whole, there’s some good news for […]

Why Your Phone is Your Number One Possession

When you think of your most important possessions as a business owner, what comes to mind? Your car or van? Your computer? Your tools? All of these are important, but your number one possession, the thing that’s most important in helping you run a successful business, is your phone. The mobile phone has become pretty […]

Have you been rejected for a merchant account?

If you run your own business you will need to take credit card payments from customers, and applying for a card reader or merchant account services can be a stressful task. Banks check your business and personal credit rating, and may find some nasty surprises in your history that you didn’t even know about like […]

How to Get Your Small Business into the Cloud

A recent survey by and SurveyMonkey indicated that 78% of small business owners are familiar with the cloud, and that 77% believe that the cloud can improve their operations. But how many were actually using the cloud? Only 46%. Obviously, small business owners recognize the value in the cloud, but not all of them are sure […]

Think Cyber Security Isn’t Important for Your Small Business? Think Again

KPMG recently surveyed a range of procurement officers around the UK, and they heard some interesting things about contracting practices. For example, 70% of respondents said that SMEs should be doing more to protect their data from cyber threats and protect valuable client data. And almost every single one—94%—said that cyber security standards are are important when […]