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Payment Methods in 2018 – What’s out there, and what’s right for you!

Maggi,  July 31, 2018

So many things have affected the way we’re able to accept and make payments these days. Most influential are the technological advancements of our age and the post open banking era we live in, which has opened up for a whole new range of financial services. However, as great as the options are, it’s very […]

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How ‘Cash Only’ Can Be a Business Killer

Maggi,  August 4, 2017

How a card payment app is better than ‘cash only’ There are many businesses who believe that by being ‘cash only’, they’re saving themselves money. But in reality, their stance against credit and debit cards could be hurting their business. By not embracing the rise of mobile payments and card payment apps, they’re losing out […]

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Why Credit and Debit Card Payments are Here to Stay

Maggi,  July 25, 2017

Credit and debit cards aren’t going anywhere There’s been some talk lately that the humble credit and debit card are on the chopping block in favour of new payment methods, such as paying with your mobile phone. But according to the statistics, credit and debit card payments are only continuing to rise, and are the […]

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Get Paid on Time With a Card Payment App

Maggi,  July 24, 2017

Card payment apps mean you get paid faster If you’re looking to get paid on time, it could be time to look at a card payment app. Small to medium businesses, especially traditional ones like the trades, rely on getting paid on time. But one of the biggest problems that many companies encounter is clients […]

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Going Paperless With a Mobile Card Reader

Maggi,  June 27, 2017

Why mobile card readers are increasingly important to your business When mobile card readers first came out, they were slow, cumbersome, and would often have connectivity issues. Some businesses were either put off by these issues, didn’t think a mobile card reader was something their business needed, or simply didn’t want to use the technology […]

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Making small businesses more accessible with mobile card readers

Maggi,  May 3, 2017

These days, when you need to pay for something, you’re most likely going to open your wallet, pull out a card and slap it on or in the mobile card reader in front of you. This process has become second-nature to most of us. But when it comes to many small businesses – like tradespeople […]

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Credit Card Readers and How to Choose Yours

Maggi,  March 24, 2017

Your business is growing. People want to pay by credit cards, but you don’t have a credit card reader to accept it. After enough request you decide on the inevitable and start looking around for something to use for those customers unwilling to whip up cash. So you do what everyone else would do: “Google […]

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Would Your Business Benefit From a Card Reader?

Maggi,  March 6, 2017

Anywhere you go, you see a card reader. They come in all shapes and sizes, and businesses use them in order to accept card payments from customers. However, there are still plenty of merchants and businesses who do not currently allow customers to pay by card. I have listed the most frequent objections against taking […]

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3 Reasons Why A Card Payment Machine is One Machine Too Many

Maggi,  February 28, 2017

At SmartTrade App we speak to merchants about their card payment machines every single day. We know all the struggles, and make sure to come up with the best solution for your business. If you’ve ever accepted a customer’s credit or debit card, I am sure you will recognize one of the following headaches:   […]

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iPhone 7 – Why losing the 3.5mm jack is a big problem for card readers

Maggi,  September 20, 2016

iphone 7 losing headphone jack Since its announcement, the iPhone 7 has caused a flurry of excitement for Apple fans. Around the globe, lines have formed outside of Apple stores days before it’s full release. So much so that people were auctioning off their space at the front of the queues of Apple stores for […]

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Eliminate the Card Machine and Improve Cash Flow

Maggi,  August 30, 2016

You’ve heard it over and over again: your small business needs to take credit and debit cards. Most consumers pay with plastic, and many are even eschewing that for mobile payments, so you need to catch up. You think about investing in a credit card reader, but they’re pretty expensive . . . and it […]

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