Accounting and Tax Reporting with SmartTrade App

Your corporate tax return is perhaps the most predictable of business activities in the course of a year. You can rest assured the HMRC will never forget your business, no matter how big or small. They’ll be on your doorstep to collect their share every year! At SmartTrade App we aren’t forgetting about it either. […]

Going Paperless With a Mobile Card Reader

Why mobile card readers are increasingly important to your business When mobile card readers first came out, they were slow, cumbersome, and would often have connectivity issues. Some businesses were either put off by these issues, didn’t think a mobile card reader was something their business needed, or simply didn’t want to use the technology […]

Going Green Really Can Save You a Lot of Money

Using a digital solution like SmartTrade is a great way to take a step toward a paperless office, which is more environmentally friendly and can help you save money. But replacing your receipts, invoices, and other records with digital copies isn’t all you can do to go green! A recent article by showed just how […]

Don’t Let Accounting Errors Hurt Your Business

According to a recent article by, 2015 was a great year for small businesses, and part of the reason why it was such a good year was that cloud accounting made “huge inroads” into the market. Sage, they reported, has 130,000 users in the UK, and Xero has 100,000. 11% of surveyed small businesses used cloud […]

Why You Should Be Using an Accounting Package

How do you keep track of your business finances? An Excel spreadsheet? A text file? A notebook? The back of a napkin? There are plenty of ways that you can track your accounts, but not as many that you should. Enter the accounting package. What Is an Accounting Package? In short, an accounting package is a piece of […]

Need to print an invoice?

Need to print invoices off for your files or for a customer? Want to keep a paper record of all your payments? Need to organise your paperwork for your taxes? SmartTrade App makes things simple. You have two super easy options. Option 1: You will see a “Send me a copy option” (see pic below) after […]

Conduct a Paper Audit for Your Business

Tools like SmartTrade let you run your business without using extra paper—if you can send and store invoices and receipts electronically, you’re saving money and the environment at the same time. But a single app isn’t enough to change how your office works. You need to go further. If you’re looking to cut down on […]

The First Thing You Need to Go Paperless

A paperless office is a great thing to aim for: it’s better for the environment, it’s cheaper, and it’s more organised than an office full of stacks of paper. But where do you start? Getting rid of paper is a big task, and it’s tough to pick a jumping-off point. Fortunately, the answer is easy: the first […]

4 Tips on Getting Your Business to Paperless

‘Paperless‘ is a huge buzzword right now. Everyone wants to run their business without paper—to save money, be environmentally friendly, and stay organised. But getting started on the path to going paperless is tough: where do you begin? Here are four tips to help you get started. 1. Find a place to store everything. If […]