My first internship during a pandemic

Finding an internship during a Global crisis is not easy at all and that too finding an internship that gives you a platform to grow is further difficult. I am Dipra Jain, currently studying MSc International Marketing at King’s College London and Social Media Manager at SimplyPayMe. SimplyPayMe is an award-winning global provider of payments […]

What is 3DS Authentication and Why Do I Need It?

At SimplyPayMe, your security (and that of your customers) is our top priority. We have recently introduced 3D Secure™ (3DS) authentication onto our platform. This is a security protocol used to authenticate your customers and provides an extra layer of protection for card transactions online and where a customer doesn’t enter their pin code into […]

Payments help for volunteers and the vulnerable


The Covid-19 lockdown has certainly put a lot of things on hold (or in some cases the deep freeze), with the current restrictions proving to be crippling to most, but it has not stopped us here at SimplyPayMe. We have been busy rebranding, changing our name from SmartTrade App to the new “SimplyPayMe”. We felt […]