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SimplyPayMe, is an award-winning global payments company taking the world by storm. On a mission to become the market leader for payment solution software, SimplyPayMe provides the most disruptive payment technology available worldwide.

Providing businesses with a full mobile payments infrastructure, the brand has evolved from a simple lead-generation platform to a fully-fledged payments, invoicing and software solutions provider.

With an unwavering focus on customer experience, functionality and innovation, the company’s products have been adopted across all sectors of business, globally. But it’s the service of small businesses that really drives SimplyPayMe.

Built for and by small businesses, SimplyPayMe has always sought to serve this significantly underserved sector. Helping them to find their full potential through a platform that answers their most basic needs, responds to their feedback and builds upon their suggestions. 

With an arm dedicated to the development of ‘white labelled’ software facilities for resellers as well as direct customer services, SimplyPayMe is committed to the continued expansion and improvement of the payments space.

And we are very, very excited about the future.

Meet the team

Gary Prince

Chief Strategy Officer

Gary Prince clocked up 18 years’ experience in mobile commerce prior to being appointed as Director and Chief Strategy Officer at SimplyPayMe. He has worked across all stages of the product life cycle, from the development of mobile payments to digital transformation, but his passion is user experience.

Gary’s prime objective for SimplyPayMe is the continued development of market-leading, customer-focused services/products for the SME market.

Sophie Mirza

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager for SimplyPayMe, Sophie Mirza’s role is to make sure that things get done.

Having worked within the investment banking sector for over 13 years, she is highly experienced in her role and helps to keep SimplyPayMe running smoothly.

Also known as the “Oracle of SimplyPayMe” no one is better than Sophie in keeping the team and all our departments together, connected and happy!

Slava Iutin

Lead Engineer

Slava is Chief Platform Officer at SimplyPayMe. Actively involved throughout the solution design, development and its implementation, he knows the platform better than almost anyone, and is dedicated to its continued success.

A software pro, Slava is the founder of SevenCrayons and co-founder of Whirix. He’s also responsible for the development of SimplyPayMe’s android and iPhone applications.

Maggi Manevska

Product Specialist

SimplyPayMe’s Head of Customer Relations and Support since 2017, Maggi Manevska plays an integral role within the company.

An experienced Happiness Engineer, she has been working within the field for more than six years.

Mark Hinder

Finance Director

As a fellow of the ACCA, Mark qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant while working for “big 4” firm, EY.

Mark joined the SimplyPayMe team as Finance Director, bringing with him over 15 years’ experience in a range of industries including offshore wealth management at UBS and as Head of UK Finance for global sports brand Scott Sports.

Leading the finance function of an independent Veterinary Hospital, Mark led the successful exit, for a then UK record at a 17.5x EBITDA multiple.

Mark’s knowledge and experience will ensure the stability of SimplyPayMe as it enters its next stages.

Emily Dodsworth

Data & Product Manager

Emily joined the SimplyPayMe team as Data and Product Specialist, bringing experience from a variety of sectors.

She is familiar with the start-up and Fintech environment, also working in the Finance team at Findexable Ltd.

Emily holds an undergraduate degree in BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance and has recently completed a Certified Fintech Practitioner course with the London Institute of Banking and Finance. She enjoys using her technical and business analytics skills to develop and deliver data-driven solutions for SimplyPayMe.

Laym Abel-Smith

Lyam Abel-Smith

Chief Marketing

Lyam brings with him more than 13 years of growth, marketing and communications experience where he’s worked across a dynamic mix of sectors including technology, advertising, education, travel and marketing agencies, he also has strong experience working in the world of consultancy for Saas startups.

His spectrum of knowledge has embraced multiple disciplines including team management, large scale digital transformation projects, high scale digital marketing campaigns, and organising and running events, sponsorship and PR activations and orchestrating engagement campaigns.


Darshana Vekaria

iOS Developer

As SimplyPayMe’s in-house specialist, Darshana is leading up all iOS development and functionality.

Darshana has for the past 10 years been passionate about mobile application development. Thus, despite being our designated iOS specialist, she’s fully equipped to work on other platforms as well.

Lastly, she has an entrepreneurial spark, as the Co-Founder of MyMentorBook, a platform for connecting mentors with mentees.

Konstantin Lamtev

Android Developer

Konstantin has over 6 years of experience with Mobile and Web development. He is an expert in Native Mobile Java and Kotlin. 

In his past roles, Konstantin has been working with the exciting and innovative technologies of Artificial Intelligence. 

As an Android developer he’s received recognition in the medical industry for one of his applications.

elena ristovska simplypayme support

Elena Ristovska

Head of Support

Elena has been supporting and servicing customers throughout her career, bringing a wealth of knowledge on how to make sure SimplyPayMe is put in the best light possible.

She joined SimplyPayMe in February 2021 as a key member of the team to help build the backbone of our support function as we expand to other parts of the world.

Andrej Dimovski

Support Specialist

Andrej has a susbtantial background in serving customers and thrives in the support and service space.

He joined SimplyPayMe early 2021 due to his excellent communications and problem solving abilities, benefiting customers all over the world.

As someone who’s always there to help and guide any of our customers at SimplyPayMe, Andrej quickly becoming a customer champion.

Erald Krasniqi

Erald Krasniqi

Marketing Manager

Erald actually began his career in digital marketing in the very early stages of SimplyPayMe’s journey as an apprentice, working with our CEO, Kent Vorland.

Following this, he spent 5 years learning how to beat the complexities of the Google algorithms at one of the UK’s top digital marketing agencies as an SEO Manager.

A self proclaimed SEO and marketing nerd, he’s now in charge of helping spread the good word of SimplyPayMe to SME’s globally.

Kathryn Shaw profile picture

Kathryn Shaw


Joining the SimplyPayMe team as a Freelancer, Kathryn holds a Master’s degree in International Global Communications, focusing on Public Relations and Advertising.

After working in various companies worldwide such as Universal Music Paris, Ogilvy & Mather South Africa and Welcome Pickups Greece, Kathryn has specialised in Digital Communications and Content Writing.

Kathryn is at ease with engaging B2B and B2C audiences across various platforms by delivering effective support and engagement with solid communication skills.

Klaas Ardinois Tech Advisor

Klaas Ardinois

Tech Advisor

Klaas is an experienced senior leader, with a substantial track record in building engineering and product teams focused on delivery. In doing so he brings a blend of technical and architectural knowledge as well as Agile and classic project and program management techniques. 

Klaas has led teams and organisational transformation in early stage startups, scale ups and large multinationals. Klaas also holds a corporate finance MBA and is a guest lecturer at his alma mater in Belgium.

Hilal Shanvere profile Picture

Hilal Shanvere

Junior Data & Product Intern

Hilal is the newest member to join the team as a Junior Data & Product Specialist.

Hilal has recently graduated from the University of Sussex with an Economics (BSc) where he took a keen interest in Econometrics. Meaning he has a functional knowledge of Statistics to analyse data to further corporate goals. He most recently took part in an AWS bootcamp where he familiarised himself with cloud computing.

Klaus Selhai Profile Picture

Klaus Selhai

Front-End Developer

Klaus has joined SimplyPayMe as a Front End Developer. Klaus is an avid and enthusiastic JS lover. He specialises in logic and algorithms and is excited about his journey as an engineer within SimplyPayMe.

“Endless learning is the most important motivation for being a software developer.”


Michael Brennan


Michael is Co-Founder, Board Director & Non Executive Director. He is a senior corporate finance executive with over 15 years’ experience in capital markets, Michael left the City in 2009 to join Ken Mulvany at Proximagen. He undertook the role of Head of Corporate Development, focusing on fundraising, corporate transactions, and business development. 

Following the successful acquisition of Proximagen, Mike joined the founding team at BenevolentAI, leading corporate development and the continued growth of the business, which went on to successfully achieve the rare status as a unicorn, by passing the $1 billion market cap.

Dr Leda Glyptis


Leda is currently serving as Chief Client Officer at 10x Banking, where her core focus is driving success for both existing and new 10x clients.

She is a former banker, technology executive and founding CEO of 11:FS Foundry, where she led the growth of its modular core digital banking offering. Prior to that, Leda was Chief Innovation Officer at Qatar National Bank, the largest bank in the Middle East and North Africa, with responsibilities for employee-driven and market-led innovation strategy and execution.

Prior to QNB, Leda was a Director at business and technology consulting firm Sapient, focusing on digital transformation and emerging technologies, and led EMEA innovation at BNY Mellon. Leda joined BNY Mellon from fintech start-up Great East London Software, where she served as head of services development.

Leda holds an MA from King’s College, Cambridge, and an MSc and PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has taught politics, global governance and management principles, while working in management roles across various industries.

Jane Turner


With a passion for supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs, Jane Turner joined SimplyPayMe as a Director in 2019.

In a career spanning 25 years, Jane has held board level leadership roles in numerous industries, including Financial Services, SaaS Technology, Mobile App and Payment Platforms, and Media and Entertainment licensing and distribution.

Steven Metcalfe


A former stockbroker with more than 30 years’ experience working within the financial industry, Steven Metcalfe has been responsible for the majority of SimplyPayMe’s fundraising activities.

During the course of his career, Steven has helped to raise more than £40m for the companies he’s worked with and as Director, he’s played a pivotal role within the evolution of SimplyPayMe.


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