Why Credit and Debit Card Payments are Here to Stay

Credit and debit cards aren’t going anywhere

There’s been some talk lately that the humble credit and debit card are on the chopping block in favour of new payment methods, such as paying with your mobile phone.

But according to the statistics, credit and debit card payments are only continuing to rise, and are the preferred method of purchasing goods and services. This is why it’s important that merchants maintain a card payment presence.

Why mobile payments aren’t infallible

The rise of Apple and Samsung Pay does give consumers another payment option method, but these cannot replace the credit or debit card outright. The main reason for this is the fact that credit and debit cards don’t run on batteries.

If consumers relied solely on mobile payment apps, then they’d need to make sure their phone has a decent charge at all times. As long as they have a card as well, they won’t be stranded if that iPhone 8 runs out of juice.

The convenience of a card payment

One of the driving reasons card payments are so popular is because they’ve been made easier and easier. We’ve come a long way from having to rough-house a credit card through that 80s credit card slider. Now, you can just tap your card to a paywave machine and don’t even need to enter a PIN.

This convenience helps to keep credit and debit cards one of the most popular payment methods. That, combined with its size.

Finding the right card payment machine

The numbers don’t lie, credit and debit card payments are important to any business, not just high street retailers. It’s therefore important that you find a card payment machine that’s right for your business. You may not need any other machine than the one you make calls on each day.

By using SmartTrade App, your smartphone becomes more than just a card payment machine. It allows you to take payments, send quotes and invoices, sort jobs, manage customers and make notes for other members of your company.

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