What’s the best mobile payment solution?

I recently read an article by Ned Poulter on State of Digital called “Top 3 Mobile Payment Solutions.” It’s really a well-written article—it profiles Square, PayPal, and Payleven as ways to take credit card payments while you’re on the go. But obviously Ned hasn’t heard of us.

SmartTrade vs. Square

The article points out that Square uses a sleek design, and that the credit card reader dongle is free. These are nice features, no doubt. But what it doesn’t mention is the fact that the card reader attaches to your phone via the headphone jack with a single, small fitting, and that if you drop your phone or iPad while it’s plugged in, that it could break. Or that you could easily lose it if you put it in your bag or pocket.

SmartTrade vs. PayPal Here

PayPal’s card reader PayPal Here offers a lot of great features, like invoices, cash payments, and product inventory management. We offer all of those things, too. But PayPal requires that you pay £99 for their credit card reader. Whereas we the only thing we require is the camera on your mobile. This is not only expensive for you working on your own, but becomes really expensive if you have a team of people wanting to take payments face to face with customers. The reader also only works with Chip-and-PIN cards, where SmartTrade will work with any card you want to take a payment from.

SmartTrade vs. Payleven

The Payleven system allows you to send receipts (like SmartTrade), and also allows you to have multiple employees that can accept payments to the same bank account (also like SmartTrade). Like PayPal, the card reader isn’t free—and at £60, it’s not cheap. Why pay that £60 for a card reader when you could re-invest it in your business?


All three of the providers discussed in the State of Digital article charge 2.75% per transaction. SmartTrade charges 2.65% + 20p. All of the providers in the article also charge 3.05% + £0.12 for manually entered transactions. Why should it cost more when you enter the numbers on the card? It shouldn’t.

At SmartTrade, we want to help you make more money by helping you work more efficiently and spend less time on boring administrative stuff.

The Verdict

Well aside from the fact Credit Card readers are stupid, Ned Poulter set out to the find the three best mobile payment solutions . . . but he missed one. SmartTrade was made with small businesspeople in mind. Not people who need an iPad stand / POS system. SmartTrade was made for you, and it was built for you. That’s why we say “There’s SmartTrade. And then there’s everything else.”

What more could you ask for? Try us today.

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