What Does My Customer See?

When you use the SmartTrade app to take payments from your customer, they can receive e-mail notifications for a number of different things. Here’s what those emails look like as your customer goes through the job process.


When your customer makes a payment, an electronic receipt gets sent to their inbox so they know the payment was successful:


When you send your customer a PayLink, they’ll get an e-mail with a big blue “Pay My Invoice” button in it:

The e-mail also includes a detailed invoice:

Once your customer clicks the “Pay My Invoice” button, they’re brought to a secure website where they can enter their payment information:


When you send a quote using SmartTrade, your customer receives the quote via e-mail, where they can choose to approve it:

To view the quote in detail, a PDF containing the particulars is attached.

If there’s a question about your quote, your contact information is included right in the e-mail so that you can get it sorted straight away.

Try SmartTrade App today – its free to signup!

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