The Real Cost of Card Payment Machines

Card payment machines could cost you more than you think. If you’re a small business, you’re either in the market for one, or cursing the little thing for the amount of times it wastes when it doesn’t work. Know what’s even worse about that contemptuous piece of plastic? It’s probably costing you more than you think. So not only is it costing you time and potential lost or delayed business when it drops out, it may also be hitting your pocket!

Why it pays to compare card readers

I’m not saying you can ditch payment processing costs altogether – They’re a part of business life, so there’s no avoiding them. But taking (or keeping) the first card reader you find is like buying a car based solely on its looks. If you don’t compare the different options available and do your research, you’ll likely end up with a lemon.

Here at SmartTrade App, we want to make it easy and straight-forward for your business to see the real costs of card payment machines. We’ve looked at the other options out there, and created an easy to use guide for you to compare card reader suppliers and their respective costs.

What sets SmartTrade App apart?

If you look at the comparison webpage, you’ll notice a difference straight off the bat between SmartTrade App and other card payment machines – With SmartTrade App, you don’t need that pesky card reader.

By embracing the latest in smartphone technology, we’ve created an app that allows you to quickly and easily take card payments with nothing except your smartphone.

SmartTrade App doesn’t store card information – It simply scans the card safely and securely, then passes the information onto the card processer, which handles the transaction from start to finish, meaning everyone is protected by their secure system, ensuring PCI compliance.

Simplifying your business

How much easier would your working life be if you didn’t have to rely on a separate card payment machine? If all you needed was your smartphone and an internet connection?

By comparing card readers, you could also simplify your invoicing and payment systems, saving you time and money.

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