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Teams Plan

The Teams Plan is our most comprehensive team management plan, giving you full access to all our features, while allowing you to add unlimited users to accept payments from customers on your behalf. You can even delegate jobs and tasks to any of your members to make sure everyone knows their scheduled tasks.

Each member you invite will receive an email asking them to join your team. All they have to do is select their password and they have their very own SimplyPayMe account set up for them. All members will have full access to all features as if they had an account of their own, but all payments will be routed to the bank account you’ve set up for the Team account and invited them to join. When inviting the new members, you can also decide on their level of access, so no one has access to more information than they should, while you remain in complete control.


Does a member have to be part of my company?

Not at all, you can invite anyone you want to join your company to take payments on your behalf. All you need to invite someone is their name and email address.


How do I upgrade my plan?

To view your plans and billing, and perform any changes, you need to log in to your online dashboard. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you select the “Plans & Billing” section from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of your screen.

You will be guided to the “Plans” page, where you can switch to any other plan or take advantage of the 15% subscription discount available with our Annual Plans.


Do you have other plans available?

SimplyPayMe aims to provide maximum flexibility, so if you are hosting an event or have irregular market events you can upgrade for the relevant period to take advantage of records and reports or taking payments as a team (e.g. fund raising event) and then downgrade to the free Payments plan in the intervening periods.

If you want access to features, but don’t feel like you need more members? Check out our Invoicing Plus plan. Do you only want to take payments, without access to any other features? Check out our free Payments plan.


If you want to speak to our support team about what is the best fit for you, you can reach us at any time via live chat, phone or email at


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