Study: UK Consumers Will Seek Out Mobile Payments

recent survey found that almost half of UK consumers would change banks if their bank doesn’t offer a mobile payment solution and has no plans to introduce one. A third said they’d change within the year.

And almost half of respondents said that within five years, they’d choose a shop based on whether they offer mobile payments.

It’s obvious that UK consumers are looking for more high-tech payment solutions and that they’re willing to break away from the companies that they’ve been working with to get them.

Changing banks isn’t easy—and if consumers are willing to do that, they’re almost certainly going to be willing to change service providers, from plumbers to stylists.

No matter what trade you’re in, it’s likely that you have local competitors—and if they offer a payment solution that you don’t, you could be in trouble.

Don’t get left behind and lose customers! If you’re the first to offer a payment solution that customers are looking for, you’ll have a significant competitive advantage.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to get this particular advantage. If you have a smartphone, you have all you need!

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