Some Exciting New Features

We’ve made a few changes to the SmartTrade app over the past few months, and the app is better than ever. In case you haven’t seen the updates on the App Store, here’s what we’ve been doing.

1. You no longer need mobile reception to use the app

You can prep a payment and manage your customers and jobs even if you have no signal at all. And to process a card payment, you just need one of bar of 3G (or Wi-Fi).

It’s easier than ever to use the SmartTrade app, even if you don’t have a signal; when you’re far out in the country, in a bad reception spot, or even underground, you can prep a payment and it will go through when you get back to civilization.

2. When you do have a signal, all changes and updates are pushed to the app

This means you don’t need to open and refresh it to find out what’s new. If a customer accepts a quote or a payment clears, you’ll get notified right away.

Other mobile payment apps require you to check to see whether you’ve been paid, which can leave you waiting and constantly checking your mobile. There’s no need to do that—just wait for the notification!

3. We’ve added an ‘Add Card Fee’ button

Now, to pass the transaction fee to the customer, just tap the button. They’ll take care of the transaction fee, and you’ll pay 0%! There’s no easier way to save money.

Built for Business

In the past, SmartTrade has been the obvious choice for a lot of tradesmen and small businesspeople—but now it’s even better. And there’s no excuse for using an old-fashioned card reader again.

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