SmartTrade Works on the Latest Apple Release, iOS 9—iZettle Doesn’t

If you’re an iZettle customer, you’ve probably seen their warning to the users of their Card Reader Pro and Card Reader Contactless credit card readers. “Do not update to iOS 9.0,” it says on their warning page.

If your credit card reader can’t support the latest iPhone update, are you sure you want to be using it to manage your money? SmartTrade Appworks amazingly on iOS 9, and updating won’t cause you any problems.

If you want to get the most out of your iPhone—not to mention make sure that it gets the latest security updates—you’ll have to update to iOS 9 soon. If that means you can’t take debit and credit cards from your mobile, then you’re using the wrong service.

iZettle is telling its customers to wait until Apple releases a fix “in an update to iOS 9.0.” But when will that be? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? There’s no way to know. You could just wait for that fix… or you could update to iOS 9, get the latest and greatest on your iPhone, and switch to SmartTrade.

It’s just the smart thing to do.

Join SmartTrade App now – its free!

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