SimplyPayMe App’s Affiliate Program is live!

We are proud to announce that SimplyPayMe App has come to a point where we wish to encourage other businesses and individuals from all over the UK to come work with us as affiliates. Whether you are an established conglomerate, or a local corner shop, we want to pay you good money for promoting SimplyPayMe App to your following – we work with all size networks.

So what could you make by promoting SimplyPayMe App?

First of all, we don’t just pay you and leave, we want to make sure you get paid month after month for the work you’ve done. In fact, for every business subscribing to SimplyPayMe App, we are willing to give you 20% of the subscription revenue, for an entire 12 month period. Here is a small table of just how much money that could mean to you or your business:

How Does It Work?

Being an affiliate is super simple. We’ll set you up with an affiliate account where you will have a magic link you can share so people can click on to sign up. We will see on our side how many people signed up through your link and will send you a detailed breakdown of this every month, along with how much commission you’ve earned.

How Do I Use The Link?

This is the best part… in any way you’d like. Here are a couple of ideas you could

Social Media
For any type of social media you can simply copy and paste the link right into your post. Write a short message explaining what we do and post it with the link and we’ll see every single person who signs up.

Email Marketing
Emails are always a good way to go. Whether you send out personal ones to your connections or use software such as MailChimp to mass pump emails to a crowd, you can simply write something along the lines of “Sign Up Here” and insert your link as the hyperlink. Easy!

Using Your Website
Websites are excellent as the link will remain there for as long as you want it to. Simply add our logo with the link you have and we’ll pay commission on every single person or company who signs up through your own website.

Texts and messages? 
Absolutely! Simply copy and paste the link into the messaging field of any service, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, you name it! When the other person receives it, the link will open in their phones browser and you will be paid when they subscribe.

These are just some ideas for you to use. We are always available to help you get your promotions set up. We’ll help you with graphics, language, sales guidance and product knowledge, just about anything.

Click here, or chat with us to enquire and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.


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