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Writing Down Card Details Will Get You Fined

Security and fraud has been a growing concern in the card payments field. With the ever growing popularity of card payments, there has also been a rise in card fraud and data hacking. Most of this comes down to the storing of card information. A study by the ICO (UK’s

15 Minutes With A Growth Consultant

Since SmartTrade App’s beginnings, we’ve worked closely with our customers to help improve their efficiency and maximise their growth. We work with small business owners all over the UK, from Plumbers and Electricians to Beauticians and Chauffeurs. SmartTrade App was built to help manage our customers payments, invoicing, quotes and

Eliminate the Card Machine and Improve Cash Flow

You’ve heard it over and over again: your small business needs to take credit and debit cards. Most consumers pay with plastic, and many are even eschewing that for mobile payments, so you need to catch up. You think about investing in a credit card reader, but they’re pretty expensive

Debit Transaction Cost Increasing By 6x!

From September 1st, Visa is planning to remove the interchange cap on debit cards. This means for certain businesses they will have to pay up to 6x more per transaction. Visa are removing their fixed rate cap of 50p, to a percentage value rate of 0.2% + 1p. This mean’s

Why your business NEEDS to take card payments…

Bank transfers are great. Right? You don’t need to pay any fees and you get your money instantly. Well…depending on how long it takes for your customer to pay your invoice. A study by The UK Cards Association stated that “Cards are the most popular payment method in the UK by value.

Customise your Invoice and Job Numbers!

You can easily swap your Invoicing software to SmartTrade, or create your own Invoice or Job prefix letter and numbers. In the SmartTrade Web Dashboard you can start from whatever Invoice or Job number you need. Just login and click Account Settings; Then click on Invoice Settings and you will see four boxes where you

50% of UK Consumers Planning on Using Mobile Payments

Back in 2014, a study by Zapp showed that 50% of surveyed consumers either already used mobile payments or were interested in doing so. They also estimated that by 2020, 20 million adults would be using their mobiles to pay for goods and services. That’s a very significant number. But

Setting Up a Small Business: Where to Start

So you’ve decided to start a small business. Fantastic! You have a great idea, maybe even a great name already picked out. But what comes next? What are the things you need to do to get off the ground? The process can vary greatly depending on the type of business, but

Introducing: Customer Notes

SmartTrade App is not only a debit and credit card reader it also acts as a sales and business management tool for you and your team. There are also powerful Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) features in the app and online Web Dashboard for keeping organised. You can add notes to

5 Ways to Boost Productivity

In the business world, it’s all about productivity: how much can you get done with limited time, resources, and mental energy? This is especially true for entrepreneurs and small business people, who often have to fill several roles in their organizations Taking a few focused steps to boost your productivity

SmartTrade App – Mobile Payment Solution Of The Year?

SMARTTRADE APP SELECTED AS A PAYMENTS AWARDS FINALIST. Up against Barclays, CaixaBank and MasterCard SmartTrade App is shortlisted for the category: Mobile Payments Solution of the year. SmartTrade App has over the past couple of years developed a complete payment solution, allowing merchants to take payments using nothing more than