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A New App for a New Generation

In the past, taking payments from customers while on the go was difficult and time-consuming. Then came the mobile credit card reader, and things got a bit easier. Welcome to the next generation of mobile payment. Welcome to SmartTrade. When they first came out, mobile credit card readers were great. They allowed

What’s the best mobile payment solution?

I recently read an article by Ned Poulter on State of Digital called “Top 3 Mobile Payment Solutions.” It’s really a well-written article—it profiles Square, PayPal, and Payleven as ways to take credit card payments while you’re on the go. But obviously Ned hasn’t heard of us. SmartTrade vs. Square The

What does Paym mean for your business?

Today a new payment method called Paym was launched. Paym connects your mobile number to your bank account, via your banking app. Its backed by the big banks so it sounds legit and a great option to get paid if you run your own business. Super fast, cheaper payment. Great! But what

Do Business the British Way

In Britain, we’re famous for doing things the British way. We’re unhurried, calm people, and we take the time to think things through. We aren’t known for being fancy and flashy—we’re hardworking, honest people, and we value a good day’s work. If you’ve ever had French cuisine, you know that

We Believe in Honest Business

If you’ve been reading the business section of the news recently, you’ve probably seen the story about how one of Wonga’s recent adverts was pulled for providing some confusing information on their lending rates. That’s not the way we like to see business being done. We believe in being forthright with customers, colleagues,

Bet Your Credit Card Reader Doesn’t Do This!

You probably think your credit card reader or swiper is pretty slick, don’t you? It lets you take credit card payments from your mobile phone! But what else does it do? Sure, taking credit card payments while you’re on the move is great. But that’s only one small part of your job,

Credit Card Readers Are Stupid

It’s true. They’re really, truly stupid. But the good news is that you don’t have to use them anymore! Why are Credit Card readers stupid? They used to be big, clunky, and require annoying paper rolls. The newer ones are too small, and the fittings are prone to breakage. They’re

Join the Small Business Revolution!

We are thrilled to tell you that our new SmartTrade app (v2) is now live  in the Apple Appstore. We decided to keep it free rather than for charge it, giving you no reason not to try it out! We believe SimplyPayMe is a major breakthrough for Small Business Owners, giving them