Not Your Father’s Credit Card Reader

We know that mobile credit card readers aren’t the newest thing on the block. Tradesmen have been using them for a while now to take debit and credit card payments while they’re on the go.

But we’re revolutionising the mobile payment world. This is something totally new!

SmartTrade isn’t just a mobile payment app—it’s a new way to run your business. You can perform all of your day-to-day tasks from the SmartTrade app, turning your truck, van, or pub stool into a completely mobile office.

What Does SmartTrade Do?

What doesn’t it do? Here’s just a partial list of what you can do with the app:

* Take credit and debit card payments with no hardware—just your phone
* Send quotes and have customers approve them online
* Send statements when you complete phases of the job
* Take partial payments and issue credit notes
* Let customers pay online
* Customise your quotes, invoices, and receipts so they include your logo and T&Cs

Watch a video on how SmartTrade can turbocharge your business

Not only can you do all of this on the go, but you can also run your business more efficiently from the back office.

The SmartTrade online dashboard lets you send job leads directly to your phone, helping you keep track of the jobs you have lined up, the ones you’ve started, and the ones you’ve finished.

You can also manage your customer lists, and even download tax information that you can upload into Xero, Sage, Kashflow, or other accountancy software to make your bookkeeping easier.

We’re working on some pretty exciting stuff to make doing your taxes easier, too!

Why Use Yesterday’s Technology for Today’s Business?

Sure, you could use an old-fashioned credit card reader for your mobile. But then you have to deal with extra hardware, contracts, and merchant accounts at the bank. Which means a lot of paperwork.

With SmartTrade, you don’t need any of that. Just download the free app, set up your account, and start taking payments in a few minutes.

Doesn’t that sound better than going to the bank, applying for a merchant account, paying for a mobile credit card reader and a contract with the provider, and only being able to take card payments?

If you’re using a card reader right now, it’s time to get rid of it and join the next generation of small business owners using SmartTrade. And if you’re thinking about getting a mobile credit card reader, we’ll save you the trouble—just use SmartTrade.

It’s easier, cheaper, and more versatile. Why take a step backwards? Download the free app now and give it a try!

Image credit: James Morris via Flickr,Neil. Moralee via photopin.

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