No Signal? No Problem!

Maggi,  February 5, 2015

One worry that some of our customers have is that they need an internet connection to process a payment, and that they won’t be able to get the app to work if they’re way out in the country with no reception.

That’s a fair point, but our upcoming offline mode solves the problem!

Right now, you need enough reception to get access to the internet from your mobile to use the app, which can be a problem if you’re working on a job in the middle of nowhere.

But starting soon, the app will be able to perform most of its important functions while offline, giving you the flexibility to do your job wherever you are, no matter how much reception you have.

This means that you can add jobs, create invoices, prepare quotes to send, and even start the payment process when you don’t have a signal.

If you’re out on a remote job and can’t take a payment right away, you can get everything ready for the customer, and then take an easy payment over the phone from the web dashboard when you’re back in range.

SmartTrade helps you run your business, no matter where you are!

Image credit: Eran Sandler via flickr.


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