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Mattia Parati, CEO at SimplyPayMe (for the day)

We are very excited to have had our very first CEO for the Day a couple of weeks back. At SimplyPayMe we are all about giving young adults the opportunity to learn and grow, and this is where SimplyLead and our new and shiny CEO for the Day Program came from. We have opened up our doors to welcome individuals who are looking to learn what it really is like to be a “CEO for the Day” and step into our very own Kent Vorland’s shoes! We aim to give them an experience like no other, really showing the insights into what a growing fintech start up is like. 

We had a successful week and this is what our very first CEO, Mattia Parati had to say about the whole experience:

What does it mean to be CEO at SimplyPayMe? During my few hours it meant: investment strategy, development issues and strategy, financial analysis, projections and outlook, operational dilemmas (to intern or not to intern?), prioritising product development through new features and releases and a big call with MasterCard and Transcard on a top secret project. Throughout the week, I also had an overview on current operational position across the teams, trends and future outlooks, all of which greatly prepared me for the pitch presentation on my final day, and of course my day as CEO. My presentation had a strong focus on generating sales with current solutions by enhancing both strategic and commercial aspects of the product. The day was fuelled by a great lunch, and will be cherished and remembered for a long time – partly thanks to the marvellous mug I received! The whole experience had a lot of added value thanks to a coaching session greatly delivered by @Greta and an insightful leadership session with @Kent. A unique experience capable of pushing a curious mind in being a – hopefully – great leader! A special thanks to the SimplyPayMe team for making this experience an absolute blast.

CEO @ SimplyPayMe (for the day)

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